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What are Your Wants?

Not an actual Need, but nice to want.

Not an actual Need, but nice to want.

What do We Want?

Funny sometimes I ask myself this question, and I am conflicted, and reflect upon my life, and all the things I have done without, while others seem to have everything.

So just where does this idea come from, ‘Want’? After all we seem to want things even as a small child, and as we grow our wants change. So what are some of your wants. I read much on the forum, and see that some want a new car, others air conditioning in a car, and yet others want to be able to quit their job, or retire and travel to unknown places.

And yes, these are wants, and very good ones! But, then what are desires, other than the immediate physical ones such as human interaction and emotional fulfillment, like love, or family.

Sometimes desires are far more deep than just plain wants. Me, I??? Yes, thinking before I jump. I have all that I need to exist in life, I have a job, I have a decent car to go to and from, it would be nice to have a second car, rather than my old ratty 1972 Ford pickup truck, but it is paid for and safe, no A/C or radio. I have a roof over my head that is 25 years old and needs replacing, but it does not leak. I have good food and a wonderful, and beautiful wife that makes sure I eat so I don’t go low on my sugar.
Yeah, I pretty much have my needs met, and I know God makes sure that I will always have my needs met, in one way or another. I thank God everyday, for these things, and He always blesses!

But, my want, is to build my own truck, my design, my way, (yes, I have the training to do this) and to have the opportunity to drive it to work one day, or a parade, or just on special occasions so I can sort of show off. But, then I want it to be the basis of a business I want to start, not a full fledged construction business, but more of a combination farm, lawn, landscaping business, and perhaps some light construction, business. And I want to help those that do not have a lot of money but are willing to work and help others, and hopefully learn to work for their wants in life, rather than just waiting to have them fall in their lap so to speak. Jody and I want to have a small farm of blue berry plants to share with others.

My truck would be big enough to put a Crew cab on, so I could haul more people than just myself or another, it would have a dump bed on it, for small loads (of say dirt), and it would also be able to pull a fair sized trailer, and equipment, like my tractor, and extras. Yes, you will see a picture, of one similar.

Compumatrix has made it possible for us to have more than we ever dreamed of, and it will transform some lives, and others, it might just challenge what they thought about themselves. But either way, remember these words, for each of you will live your choices, so give it much thought.

But, to sum this up for you; Wants my friends is not what you need to survive, but something more, and it should not be so deep seeded that it rules your life, for then as the Bible tells us it becomes something like an idol, and it is part of your every waking thought.

I promise you that God will always make sure you have your needs met; for He says he knows the number of hairs on your head!

But, God also wants us to have more, just as long as it does not become covetousness. And this comes form the way the world flaunts things in front of us, and tells us we can have our every desire. Folks the one truth I have learned in life is this; Not every thing we want is good for us! So think about your wants, and Why; before you spend all that you have for something that you never really needed? For I see so many, so deep in debt, that their kids will never be able to pay it off?? And that is something to consider. sc


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