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Freedom of Discretionary Income


After you pay your rent or mortgage, pay the utility bills, put food in the refrigerator, gas in the gas tank, etc, the money that is left is what you can spend at your discretion.

This may be a crude definition but I think we all understand what discretionary income is suppose to be. It is the money that is left over (from our paychecks) after we have met all of our other obligations. People get into trouble with this too often because they spend money on discretion before they have paid all the bills they are responsible for.


When I was young, I remember my sister finishing school and going into the work force. We were living in Florida at the time and she went to New York to live with my Grandmother and start her career there. During the summer, we would spend a month in New York and my sister would often treat us to go to an event. We would go downtown to her job to pick up her paycheck, cash it and off we went.

This was a great experience and an eye opener regarding discretionary income. The idea was new to me because all the income in our family went to everyday existence and there was never anything left over.

This is the problem many families face however, many often ignore the obvious and spend money as if it were discretionary and pay the consequences later (high interest rates on credit card balances). Advertising often has its hand in this problem. You see it everyday the messages that say: “you deserve to drive a newer, better car or you need to treat yourself better, etc”. 


You have heard all those stories about creating riches beyond your imagination when you join this online business opportunity.

Have you read the statistics???? 95% FAILURE RATE!

Guess what? There is a 95% failure rate in traditional businesses also. However, the start up cost of an online business probably won’t break the bank! So, what is the good news and what is the bad news?

  • GOOD NEWS: Your online business probably won’t break the bank.
  • BAD NEWS: Your online business probably won’t break the bank.

Although there are many ways to create discretionary income, one of the preferred ways is to create your own business. When I was younger, I used to cut trees for people that needed this work done. This was my discretionary income source. I used to also pick up some extra work here and there. This was in the days before the Internet.

Now, you have more choices with the reality of running an online business. However, choose carefully.


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