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Is $20K-$60K the Education Your Kids Need


There was a special report on the higher cost Colleges across the country. There were several that were over $60K per year. As I watched, I wondered what makes this education worth that kind of money and how is it relative?

Is the cost of education pricing itself out of the market? As a Freshman in college, you will be told the “odds” of graduating from “this” prestigious University. That should be enough to make a decision whether this is going in the right direction. If you are not absolutely sure this is the career for you, would attending at these prices be a prudent decision? At the age of 18 years, it is difficult to know this is what you intend to do the rest of your life!


If you are not absolutely sure this is it, you are gambling and creating debt. If you are falling between the crack (explain later), then you are really in a financial World of hurt!

My reference of falling between the crack is in regards to starting in the work force at minimum wage with an education whereas your pay should be at the top of the pay structure. Somehow, the College loan debt still has to be paid. Welcome to the debtors society.

Many of these under paid graduates have done everything right and followed the “right” advice only to find they can not get a job in their field of study. The question to ask is this: “Would you have pursued this education if you had to pay the entire costs out of your own pocket instead of obtaining loans to pay this cost?”


Years ago, a comedian was entertaining his audience. He commented why he went on to college: “I had to go onto College after high school because after I graduated and went to look for a job, I found all the jobs were taken by the high school dropouts.” What did we hear growing up? Get good grades so you can get into a good College and get a better job!

Now that we are nearing retirement, what did that really mean? Many of us have changed not only jobs but entire careers 4-5 times. We have not been happy with what we do since we left college. Some of us have had our retirement income stolen in “White Collar Crime” (meaning the criminals get to keep what they hid and spend a year or two in a facility that would make 5 Star Resorts blush).

Looking toward the future, what education will be offered to our children? I will address this in the next section titled:




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