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Yes, folks no matter who you are, you have done some very amazing things in your life. You may not realize it, and so I will give you an example of a man who wrote a song. How he and his friends started a band, and actually never really went any where, or done anything amazing right off the bat. But, then that is where the story and life makes some twists and turns, and as one famous radio host, Paul Harvey, always said; “This is the rest of the Story.”

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You see this man evidently had a dream, and he had things he wanted to do, and more importantly he loved life, and a person very deeply. So Jack Sigler, Jr., who is from Tampa, Florida, decided to form his own group, and Mercy was born, and the rebels from Brandon High start gigging at local dances, making good sounds. He and the others did gigs as they are called, and they obviously did as most new groups did they they sang other people’s songs, in order to get noticed for their talents and their style. You see people not only love good music they love a good show, and it needs to fulfill a spot, or a trend for that time period. People are funny that way, and one blogger, always uses his catch term of; ‘Advancing your brand’, or ‘Making your brand known’. So let me recite what I know about this young man who is now older than I am.

The members of this quick to fame group were, Jack Sigler Brenda Mcnish Debbie Lewis Jamie Marvell. By the way this group split up later over legal issues, but the two distinct groups still play venues, for music is their life, and as you will find if you search them out that they are also Gospel singers all, and love to spread God’s message to everyone, with their talents. Of course James Marvell became more predominately a Country Western type of singer, coupled with Rock and Roll, and he did his own version of the song that made them all great.

So why does any of this matter you might ask. But that is the whole point, it seems it would not matter to most people, about a one in a life time song, and that is what this was, a single multi-million hit! In other words, they have never had another major hit, neither group. It was a one in a lifetime thing, and the circumstances, just mystifying, if not Divine in nature. And no one actually knows when these things will happen or why, and that is why I am writing this story, for you could be next! But, first you have to try, and make an attempt. I just wonder how long is was before Jack wrote the words to this song? No one knows, but him.

A producer from Hollywood, and a friend of Jack Sigler’s dad, heard the group, and decided to use Jack Sigler, Jr.’s original song called “Love Can Make You Happy” for the film “Fireball Jungle”. A couple of Disk Jockeys from Miami picked up on the band and, as they say, the rest is history.
Another piece of the puzzle is the legal battle was over who actually wrote this song, and produced it. Another reason why there is two versions today. I prefer the original Rock and Roll, or ballad love story style version as you will hear. I have also heard the sort of country version and just plain hated it.

But, then again the whole point is this, you have no way of knowing who will love what you do, nor may they never know why you do it? But, step out as this group did and take that chance, it may for ever change your life. After all who knows what God has in store for them. Isn’t that what drives our hopes? The idea of one day, one day, being more than we are today, even if that is the best Mom, and Dad any kids has ever had!

So now to the original and one of my favorite songs. And remember, all they did was write a song, is that really any more than you do? A song may touch someone heart at some point in time, but it is nothing more than words, nothing more than some music that makes you feel good, and nothing short of what you do for others? So think about it as you listen to; “Love Can Make You Happy”, by Mercy.


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