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Is there something wrong with our education system? Sometimes, I ask myself this question because there is a vast increase in alternative educational programs. What was “traditional” is no longer. Teachers are asking: “Are we teaching our are we just preparing students for testing?”

When you teach around a test, you lose a lot of opportunity. I remember in wilderness education programs I was involved with years ago the importance of taking advantage of a TEACHABLE MOMENT. The great outdoors is one of the best teaching environments there is. However, if you have a rigid curriculum, you can not take advantage of the unpredictable moments that an event takes place. In the classroom, this can be a simple comment from a student that starts an educational event that could not occur if everything is stringently laid out.

Students today are exposed to so much more information that merits exploration. If they are locked into a testing outcome curriculum, there is no margin of using these educational moments and the child is discouraged.


Are you going to offer your children an education that is a gamble laced with debt? While thinking about this subject, I was walking thru the mall here in town. There were several cars parked in the mall on display. As I thought about this and the shift we are experiencing in the economy, I thought, how many people will be priced out of the car buying market in the future due to this shift?

There is a shift in the economy and those that are not educated within this shift will be wondering why their paycheck no longer allows such luxuries as buying a new car. (I already wonder why I can’t afford to go to the movies with my family!)

Part of this shift will be a Financial shift and this will be THE NEW EDUCATION.


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