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The easy way out is to let someone else take responsibility. The other person isn’t always a Saint! When we trust our future and our fortune to chance, the owner of the table often walks away with the “Mother Lode”.

In my post: We’re Not Talking the Same Money LanguageI wrote the following:

What started today for me as a search for better ideas on money management, became a search for a new education system for a New Language of Money. 

When I wrote that statement, I was at a loss in my search to find a book in the library that could be relevant to today’s economic climate (yet, tell the truth). Recently, I ran across a website (FOUNDATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MONETARY EDUCATION). I found the following quote from an article talking about an honest monetary system:

The cumulative trade deficit today, about $10 trillion [no typo], would not have been possible if we had an honest monetary system, one that is in compliance with the Constitution. Imagine what would have been, and would be, the employment level, standard of living, pension funding levels, etc. if we had produced an additional $10 trillion worth of goods and services over the period. It would be a different world. (THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP (TPP) VIOLATES FREE-TRADE PRINCIPLES June 21, 2015 by LarryParks)

Give Peace a Chance! Do you realize ever since World War I (inclusive), no modern war could have been financed? With this in mind, maybe instead of waging war, we could have been engaged in Peace.


You can look for the various definitions but we could be talking: Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Virtual Currency, etc. The bottom line is we are talking about privately created currencies that have backing other than the faith of your local government.

Honesty has to fit back into the equation where it is dealing with these Virtual Currencies. There has to be a relative value for these currencies. Our NEW Money Language will take into account there is value in this currency and not a “promise to pay” (or a Debt Instrument).

Our new Money Language will be based on “Communities building Communities”. This is how life once was. A village was a community and the people of the village worked together for the benefit of the community. The monetary system grew out of this system but at some point became corrupted.

Now, is the time for all good villagers to learn the New Language of Money.


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