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I was sipping my coffee in a restaurant thinking of some important things I need to do in the next few days. I suddenly found that I am not able to concentrate on my thinking because four person occupying seats on the adjacent table were loudly discussing something. I stopped my thinking process and started observing what they were discussing.

“I had chosen a career 8 years back and now regret that I have chosen that career. What if I had chosen something else? Probably I would have been much better by now” one of the four persons said.

“Yes I also feel the same. I invested my money 10years back into a business hoping that I will get lots of returns. Contrary to my thoughts then, I lost most of what I invested. What if I had invested more wisely in something else. Probably I would have become very rich by now” the second person said.

“Well my situation is the same”, the third person started narrating, “I had shifted to some other town and started a business which one of my friends was successfully doing in this place. I never wanted to divide his profits, so I moved out to some other town to do the very same business. Unfortunately I lost everything I invested in that business. What if I had done that business here itself instead of the other place? Probably I would have snatched some of my friend’s profits, but would have earned some money”.

“When compared to all the three of you, I am in a better position” the fourth person started telling in a proud voice, “I did nothing in the last 8 years. I was just eating away whatever I had. No doubt my finances are nearly zero now, but I did not lose them after doing so much of hard work like the rest of you. I enjoyed all the eight years, but now I feel for it. What if I had invested even 25% of my money in some long term profit yielding good business? Probably I would have had lot of money by now even If I had consumed the balance 75% of my money”.

I really got amused by their talk. I got up from my seat, went near their table and told the four of them, “Well I overheard what you four people were talking. I feel sad about the four of you losing money and now thinking what if I had done otherwise. Never create a situation wherein you have to regret your actions and then start thinking what if…”

They all looked at me and asked in one voice, “So you don’t regret your past actions? Shall we presume that you are in profits?”

“Yes Of course, I am in profits and planning my future actions to get even more profits” I replied to them with a smile on my face.

“What business you did and whose advice you have taken?” all the four asked me.

“Friends I consulted a handful of people. I evaluated their feedback and decided what is best. I am in profits. One has to be wise, if not they have to feel otherwise”, telling that I left them.


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