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If there is money, count me in

It’s a pleasant evening and I was relaxing inside a park sitting on the lawns. The park is full of people. Three to four people were sitting in groups and chatting with ease. I am the only one who is sitting alone. As different groups started looking at my isolation, I felt slightly uneasy and embarrassed. I thought I should better walk instead of sitting alone. I started walking and crossing different groups. I suddenly stopped at one group of six persons. The difference I found was, in this group only one person is talking almost with authority and others are simply listening.

“You mean those people earned a lot of money?” one of the listeners (let us call him Listener-1 or in short L1) suddenly asked the person who is speaking with authority (let us call him Authority Speaker or in short AS).

“Yes 0f course. Why did you ask me that question? All along people just take my word and invest. Till now no one lost. I felt insulted when you asked that question” AS replied angrily.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am just trying to know” L1 clarified.

AS suddenly called one person who is just passing by. “Hello brother will you please come here once”

The passer by (let us call him PB) joined the group.

AS asked him, “How much did you get benefited by investing in the scheme I suggested about a year back?”

“Hello brothers you won’t believe, I reaped rich returns from his suggested scheme” PB replied addressing the group.

AS like that called another 3 people and asked the same question for which all of them replied praising the talents of AS.

The rest of the people in the group started feeling as if they are already in money. L1 in a hurry told AS, “If there is money count me in”.

To me it all looked like a stage managed show organized by AS. I moved towards the group, sat there and asked the four people who certified the talents of AS, “Where do you live? I never saw the four of you here any time earlier”

Those four persons probably sensed the danger and suddenly got up and told AS, “We have our works and we have to go”.

Watching that they got up. I stopped them and told them, “Look I will pay you twice what AS promised to tell the truth”.

Saying that I pulled out a bundle of currency from my pocket. All of them very hungrily looked at that bundle and told me, “That fellow AS brought us from some other colony and paid us hundred bucks each to tell as he wanted’.

Shocked at my entry and the truth coming out, AS tried to slip away. I told the group, “Don’t allow him to go. Hand him to the police”.

Even before the person in the group could act, AS slipped away and just went out of our sight.

Understanding the situation the four persons arrange by AS also slipped away.

I turned to the group and told them, “Don’t put your hard earned money into the hands of such cheats. There are some good programs both online ad offline which are time tested and reliable. Use your discretion and invest wisely”.

When I was about to leave, one person from the group told me in a hurried voice, “Brother if you know some programs where there is money, then just count me in”.

Unfortunately many times people are cheated because of lack of analysis. It is always better to join a program where with less investment one cam gain decently. Well, I need not spell out, one such program is Compumatrix Cryptoceeds Business.


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