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Greed gives agony not money

“This silence is killing me. Why doesn’t someone talk?” Bruce told breaking the silence.

“Well, what is there to talk? We have discussed it enough. All the four of us should be ready to die” Dickson replied with anxiety on his face.

“Right from the beginning I cautioned you people not to take the risk. But you people not only ignored my advice, but also dragged me along with you” Alfred told in a loud voice with anger on his face.

“No point in thinking of the past. The truth is we four are in this together. We want to get all riches and ended up in this cave caught by these giants in this jungle” Charleston agitatedly replied.

“The problem is they told that they will kill one of us each day. They also given us the choice to decide who wants to die on first, second, third and fourth days” Bruce told with a question mark on his face.

“So now we have to decide who should die tomorrow” Dickson replied looking at the rest of the three.

“Is there no way we can escape?” Alfred anxiously asked the rest of the three.

“I don’t think there is any chance to escape. This is a cave with solid rocks on all sides. The only entrance or exit is closed with heavy door of hefty iron rods. How we can escape? Even if we escape, there will be many giants outside. No, there is no way we can escape” Bruce replied with pessimism in his voice.

“Yes those giants are very tall and well built and their dress and appearance shows that they have no mercy on anyone” Charleston clarified.

“I think there is no way to escape. We must be prepared to die. Now let us decide we will die first” Dickson reminded again.

“So, who should die first? Bruce started telling, “I think we should decide on a method for this”.

“What type of method?” Alfred asked.

“Why not we go by alphabetical order, Alfred first, Bruce next, Charleston next and finally Dickson, that is me?” Dickson quickly suggested.

“Just because your name starts with “D”, you suggested that. Why not D, C, B and then A, that is me” Alfred replied and continued, “As I discouraged you from starting all this, I should die last”.

When Bruce was about to tell something, they all heard the sound of the cave gate opening. A giant came inside and kept sufficient food on the floor and told, “Eat well and decide who will die tomorrow. Don’t think of escaping, because that is impossible” cautioning them he left. While he was leaving some round object fell from his waist belt. Bruce quickly took it into his hands before it fell on the ground.

“What is it?” Charleston asked after the giant left.

Bruce opened his fist and showed it to all. It is a shining red round colored object. Bruce kept it on the floor and turned to the rest of the three.

“First let us finish the food and then think of what this object is” Bruce suggested to others. All agreed and they started taking the food.

None of the four observed the red shining ball while they are eating the food. Once they finished taking food, Alfred first saw that red ball.

“My God look at it, it made such a big hole in the floor” Alfred nearly shouted.

“So this ball can make holes in the stone. It means we have a way to escape” Bruce told with a smile on his face.

Wait for the rest in Part-2


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