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Greed gives agony not money: Part-2

If you have not read part-1, please go here and read it:

“What is the plan for escaping?” Alfred asked Bruce.

“Bruce, do you think we really have a chance to escape?” Charleston asked Bruce.

“There is nothing wrong to try. If we stay here we will anyhow die. So making an attempt to escape is to our benefit” Dickson suggested.

“Yes, we will try our best to escape. If we are lucky, we may even succeed in our attempts. We will start just before midnight, so that most of these giants may sleep by that time” Bruce told the rest.

“If we start just before midnight, we may not be able to make it before morning. We don’t know when these giants wake up. I suggest we start straightaway. It’s already 8 PM” Alfred hurriedly told.

“May be that’s a good idea. What do you say Bruce? Charleston asked.

“OK, we will start right now. Before that let us see who is outside the gate of this cave” Bruce replied.

Dickson and Charleston then walked up to the gate and saw outside. They could not find anyone.

“No one outside” Dickson started telling, “Moreover this cave is curved. We are right now sitting at the end of the curve. No one can see us from outside the gate”.

“OK then, let Alfred and Dickson keep a watch on the gate. I and Charleston will start the escape operation” Bruce told.

Taking the round red object Bruce along with Charleston went to the extreme corner of the cave and Bruce then holding the round object firmly between three finger edges pushed it on the cave wall. The object started piercing the wall with amazing speed. Bruce started making the hole in such a way that they will be able to travel through it even in a bent position. By the time it was 12 midnight, they could make a whole of more than 500 meters. Still they could not see the open space outside the cave.

“I don’t know how far further we have to go to get out of this cave” Bruce exclaimed.

Alfred and Dickson also joined them in the operation. They were piercing the wall by turns. By about 12.30 AM they finally came out of the cave into thick forest.

All of then are so happy. They started walking looking to all sides.

“All those giants must have slept” Bruce told in a low voice.

“Is it safe to walk through this deep forest, that too in the mid of the night?” Dickson asked.

“Whether it is safe or not, we hardly have a choice” Alfred asserted.

They started moving fast. At a far off distance they could see bright light. In that light they saw a point.

“Brothers after crossing that point coming to the side we are now, we were caught by those giants. Once we cross that point, then there is no danger from those giants” Bruce told.

All the four literally started running to cross the point. They could hear some people running much behind them.

“Come on run fast. The giants are chasing us” Bruce shouted. The sound of some people running far behind them started increasing. “My God the giants almost reached us. We must run for our lives” Alfred shouted.

Wait for the rest in Part-3



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