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I Keep Finding Virtual Currencies


Not too many people are aware of what virtual currencies are! You know how when you aren’t aware of something, you wouldn’t even notice it? But, when you become aware of it, you will see it everywhere! Every time we buy a car, we begin to notice the same model and color car on the road.

Until I became aware of virtual currencies, I never noticed them. Now, I am involved with a company that produces Virtual Currency. (Compumatrix, producer of Compuceeds). Now, I notice them everywhere when I am on the Internet. One that is on the news all the time is Bitcoin. 

In his post (5 Things You Should Know About Compumatrix), Henry writes:

You will still find a lot of people that may be against or just confused about this industry even if they have been using virtual currencies through their phones, credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards. They only have misconceptions that are totally curable by their willingness to learn and proper guidance and education. One thing is certain, the Virtual Currency Industry is here to stay and continue to evolve and innovate the way we pay. Now we can build our incomes based on real productivity and not in debt.

You can learn more about Compumatrix by following our blog.


Often over the coarse of the weekend, I will try to find some time to do a little research on You Tube to study the Virtual Currency Industry. This weekend, I ran across another Virtual Currency that I was not aware of previously. Although I was more interested in learning more about the integration of Virtual Currencies into the mainstream, I decided to look into this anyway.

After a few hours had passed, I was well informed about this Virtual Currency, how it is backed and what the company’s Global plan is. The first part of my investigation found itself to be very intriguing. I was ready to move on but I felt something was missing so I pursued a little further. As I continued browsing thru videos and their website, I found their plan was very complete, EXCEPT….

Even a couple of years ago, I would have been jumping at the chance to participate with this caliber of an operation. (Global scale, solid company behind the product, well financed, company that does its due diligence,….)

Everything comes to a decision and one decision I made recently this year is to slow down on jumping into opportunities until you know what the plan is!

Soooo, my decision: My Compuceeds from Compumatrix will take care of me to the degree that I anticipate. 


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