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Greed gives agony not money: Part-3

They increased the speed of running and finally crossed that point. They moved further from that point and turned back to see what is happening behind them. About 50 giants came up to the other side of that point and stopped.

“You fellows, you four are very lucky. We can’t cross this point. So you escaped from us. But don’t be too happy. Your journey further will take you into deep forest where deadly animals are there. That light you are seeing is forest fire. Goodbye, if you are lucky you will be alive” telling that the giants turned back and left.

“So my guess is right. The giants could not cross that point. Now we are out of danger from the giants. But as they told we still have many dangers ahead of us” Bruce told the rest.

The bright light that first looked far off, gradually started moving closer.

“The forest fire is spreading. If we could find our car, we can move much faster” Bruce told in a worried voice.

They started running towards right, away from the forest fire. After about twenty minutes of running, Alfred shouted, “Look our car is there”.

All the four ran to the car. Bruce opened the rear side door of the car and fetched one big can of petrol. He filled the fuel tank from that can. Even after filling the petrol tank, the can has become only half empty.

“We now have enough fuel. Now get in, I will drive the car” Bruce told the rest.

Within seconds all the four got into the car and Bruce started driving the car with all his expertise. Alfred sat by the side of Bruce in the front seat and the rest sat in the back seat. Bruce steered the car far away from the forest fire, but the forest never seems to end. They probably traveled for about an hour and still they are inside the thick forest.

“We must have lost our way” Alfred told Bruce.

“It looks like that, still I am driving the car remembering to the extent possible by the route we came” Bruce replied.

“We nearly traveled for seven to eight hours inside the forest searching for that treasure. So we may have to go a long way before we get out of this forest” Charleston told.

“It is 4 AM now. Probably by the time it is morning we may be out of the forest” Dickson told hopefully.

“You three catch some sleep while I drive” Bruce told the rest.

Within five minutes Alfred, Charleston and Dickson slipped into sleep. Bruce even though feeling sleepy, continued driving the car with the sole aim of getting out of the forest. After about an hour further, the car suddenly stopped. Bruce tried to restart the car unsuccessfully. Bruce closed the glasses of the doors leaving a little space for air circulation and slipped into sleep.

Bruce, Charleston and Dickson woke up when Alfred shouted, “Look what is happening”.

They found hundreds of deadly snakes on the car on all sides. Bruce immediately raised the door glasses further up leaving very little space for air circulation.

“Bruce, please start the car, that way we may be rid of these deadly snakes” Charleston told Bruce.

“No way friends, the car stopped on its own because of some problem. I tried to restart it unsuccessfully. Then I thought that I will get down and see what the problem is after it is morning. But now we can not get down from the car” Bruce told the rest.

The deadly snakes are trying to find a way to get into the car.

Suddenly Bruce took out that red round object and pointed it towards the front glass without the round thing touching the glass. The moment Bruce pointed the round object snakes on the front glass receded and dropped down. Bruce repeated that on all sides of the car. Within few minutes all snakes on the car left.

“Are we safe now?” Alfred asked Bruce.

“Can’t say because we saw some snakes moving away from the car but some may be there adjacent to the car or beneath the car. Mind you they are deadly snakes. If we get down from the car, even if one snake is still there then we may be in danger” Bruce replied.

“One of us has to take that risk and for a change, I will take that risk” Charleston told the others and continued, “If I am lucky and there are no snakes left, then I can see the problem of the car, because I am a good car mechanic”.

“OK Charleston unless some one gets down and see the problem of the car, we get stuck here. Since you are a good car mechanic, I think you should take that risk” Bruce told to Charleston.

By slowly opening the rear door, Charleston stepped out of the car and closed the door behind him. Immediately he ran to certain distance and observed the car from there. Two deadly snakes are still there and they started moving towards Charleston.


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