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Question: Are You Wealthy?

Grumpy Grandma Gladys was the crankiest old woman in town.

One day, she announced to her family, “I want a pet. It’s gotta be perfect!”

Boy, did her family have a hard time looking for a pet for her.

A nephew gave her a cat.

“Too clingy,” she complained and returned it.

A niece gave her a turtle.

“Too slow,” she complained and returned it.

A granddaughter gave her a parrot.

After a few days, she returned it and said, “It complains a lot!”

Finally, they hit a pot of gold when they found a very special dog that was a genius. The pet shop owner even told them, “I don’t even know how intelligent this dog is! He keeps surprising me everyday.” The family was so excited, they gave the dog to Grandma Gladys, hoping that it will finally give the old woman a happier disposition in life.

The next day, the family saw Grandma Gladys playing chess with the dog!

They were amazed, they said, “Aunt Gladys! That must be the smartest dog in the world!”

She smirked, “Nah…, I’m returning him to you too. He’s lost 3 of the last 5 games.”

No matter what you do, this Grandma will never be happy.

The choice is ours: To be thankful or complain-full.

I believe this choice even affects your wealth…

So Many Are Poor

The story above is pure fiction.

Let me now tell you a true story.

This lady is a multi-millionaire.

But completely and absolutely poor.

If you’re confused, keep reading.

This wealthy woman has 5 helpers, 1 gardener, and 2 drivers.

“Maid #1 is my personal assistant,” she explained to me one day. “I can’t live without her. She holds my cell phone. She budgets for the house. More importantly, she gives me a foot massage every night. Maid #2 cleans the house. Maid #3 does the laundry. Maid #4 cooks. And Maid #5 is the assistant of Maid #1.”

By chance, I met her one morning and she blurted out, “Brother Bo, I feel so stressed! Life is so difficult. Why is God doing this to me?”

“Why? What happened?” I asked. I imagined the worst.

“One of my maids is taking a vacation,” she cried, “and she’s been away for a week now. So instead of five maids, I’m down to four. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to do anymore! My life is in such a mess.”

Wow. Poor woman. I mean, having four maids is such a tragedy, right? No human being should ever go through such a trial. I wanted to console her…

I wish I could say that I exaggerated the story to make you laugh.

Sorry. This is a true story.


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