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All The Seeds Went in the Hole


Somewhere in New York City, there is a patch of grass that is breaking the surface of the ground. The roots are deep and strong and it is ready to flourish.

Many years ago, my mother told me this story about her and her brothers planting grass in their yard in New York City:

When I was a kid, our mom gave each of us grass seeds to plant in the yard. Uncle S scattered his seeds and let it take its chances. Uncle R prepared the ground, mixed the seeds in then covered them. I dug a deep hole, and ALL THE SEEDS WENT IN THE HOLE. Only Uncle R’s grass grew.

Now, that was 80-85 years ago but I know that grass has reached the surface!

My Uncle R was good with growing things but that was the extent in my mother’s family. My father on the other hand came from a farming family in Indiana. I got a chance to visit the family farm when I was in High School.


Just as the seeds from the grass are now surfacing somewhere in New York City, our “Ceeds” (Compuceeds) are surfacing around the World.

Our seeds that we planted were planted years before. They were slowly growing just below the surface and just now beginning to break through. These seeds are very special. They are Compuceeds (ceeds) they are a Digital Currency.  They are produced online thru a company called Compumatrix.  Just as the grass grows in NYC, it takes time to reach the surface and become a part of the environment.

Our “fertile ground” is the minds of our members.

You may or may not realize this but your income is derived from your mind. You may have created the source of your income or you may work with others that collectively, you earn income through your thoughts and your mind controlled actions.

With Compumatrix, there is no difference. Through our mind controlled actions and mind created content, we direct our future incomes through Compuceeds (the “ceeds” we plant).


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