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Greed gives agony not money: Part-4

“Bruce there are two snakes now, you get down from the car and help me” Charleston shouted.

Bruce immediately got down from the car and shouting “Charleston catch this” threw the round object towards Charleston. Charleston caught it without allowing it to fall and pointed the round object towards the snakes. By seeing that object, snakes moved away from them fast.

“We made it Bruce” Charleston shouted with joy and moved towards the car. He gave back the round object to Bruce and checked the engine and corrected the minor problem. Both Bruce and Charleston then got into the car and Bruce started the car with ease and started driving it fast, as everything is clearly visible because of sun shine. Bruce looked at his watch.

“It’s 6.30 AM. I don’t know how far we have to still go to get out of this thick forest” Bruce told the rest.

“Look there is a small hut there” Alfred shouted. Bruce suddenly stopped the car. All the four got down and started moving towards the small hut which is on a small hillock. As they reached the hut they found the entry to the hut is closed with a old wooden door like thing.

Bruce slowly pushed the door and it opened with a sound. Bruce and Charleston entered the hut while Alfred and Dickson waited outside. As they entered the hut, Bruce and Charleston found an old lady lying on the floor.

“Who is it?” the old lady asked.

“Well we are passersby and we stopped here to find whether we can get some food and water here” Bruce replied to that old lady.

“You are not passersby; you four came in search of the treasure, got caught by the forest giants and escaped because you are lucky. You people are lucky to get rid of those deadly snakes” the old lady told to Bruce and Charleston.

Stunned at what she told, Bruce asked the old lady, “How do you know all that? Who are you? You must be having some supernatural powers”.

“Well I keep a watch on people that enter the forest. I sent that round red object from here and made it appear as if it has fallen from the waist of that giant who brought you food. That round object belongs to me. I helped you because I need help from you in reciprocation. I wanted to see if given an opportunity, how you people will utilize it in most difficult situation. I wanted people who can take risks when needed. You people passed my test” the old lady told the two.

Bruce and Charleston looked at each other and them Bruce asked the old lady, “So that round object is yours. How do we believe that?”

“If you are asking that even after I told what all happened, then you are idiots. Ok, so you want me to prove that the round object belongs to me. Fine, I know that object is in your pocket Bruce, now see what happens?”

“Surprised at the old lady addressing him with his name, Bruce asked, “So you know our names also?”

“Yes, you are Bruce that fellow is Charleston and outside the hut Alfred and Dickson are there. Now just watch” telling that she told in a slightly louder tone, “Binoki come back to me”.

The moment she told that, the round object on its own came out of Bruce’s pocket, moved in the air and fallen in the hands of that old lady. Both Bruce and Charleston got awe stuck with what happened.

“We now have no doubt about that object belonging to you. So its name is Binoki?” Bruce asked the old lady.

“Yes, I give names to everything that I create. Binoki is my creation” Old lady told Bruce.

“When you have so many powers, I wonder what help we can do to you” Bruce still awe stuck asked the old lady.


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