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Greed gives agony not money: Part-5

“I will tell you all that later. Now you both also go out and join your friends. There is a water tank on the right side. You can brush, refresh yourselves and by the time you are back, I will arrange your breakfast. No worry here, no wild animal or any giant can come. ” The old lady told the two.

Bruce and Charleston went out of the hut and informed Alfred and Dickson what happened. It’s the turn of Alfred and Dickson to get awe stuck. All the four collected their tooth brush, tooth paste, bathing soap and towels and moved towards the water tank.

In about thirty minutes they completed brushing and taking bath and returned to the hut. They were surprised to find there a dining table with four chairs, sumptuous breakfast, water and coffee on the dining table. They sat and ate the tasty breakfast and took the coffee as well.

“I feel like resting for some time” Bruce told the three.

“Yes Bruce, we all slept for sometime in the car. You definitely need some rest” Alfred told to Bruce.

Coming out of the hut the old lady told the four of them, “All of you take rest. Forget about lunch because you had enough breakfast which will see you through the time of dinner. I will wake you up after it gets night, arrange for your dinner and then tell you what you should do, because my work can be done only in the night”.

The four of them started looking at each other.

“I know you people are thinking where to rest. Go little up this hillock and you will find good lawns there. You can rest on those lawns. As I already told you, there is no danger for you when I am here. So go there and catch some sleep. You won’t get time in the night to sleep” the old lady clarified.

The four of them started climbing the hillock after thanking the old lady. On the top of that hillock there is thick grass which looked like lawn. They lied down on that grass and slipped into sleep.

They woke up when they heard the voice of the old lady, “Get up kids, it’s time you refresh yourselves and come down to have your dinner”. They looked on all sides. The old lady is not there. So the old lady spoke from inside that hut. Bruce looked at his watch.

“It is 8.30 PM. Let us move friends” telling that Bruce got up and the rest followed. They refreshed themselves and went down to find mouth watering items arranged on the table on which they had breakfast.

They sat and ate the tasty items served there. Once they completed the dinner, Alfred told others, “I have never taken such tasty items. I don’t know who prepared these items. No problem till next morning breakfast”.

“Yes, it will suffice till tomorrow morning breakfast. That food is prepared by this” showing a magic wand like stick the old lady replied. She continued, “Now get ready to do my work. Once you complete my work, you will be suitably rewarded’.

“OK, we are ready to do your work even if it is the most difficult one. Now tell us what we should do?” Bruce asked the old lady on behalf of the four of them.


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