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Greed gives agony not money: Part-6

“I wanted that kind of reply from you. You have leadership qualities Bruce, so you should lead the four. Now carefully listen to me. You need to go exactly fifty kilometers towards north. Then take a turn to east and travel exactly twenty kilometers. You will then get a pond or lake whatever you want to call it. You need to cross that pond/lake by getting into that water. At places the pond/lake is very deep. If you place your leg in that deep place some unknown force will pull you down. Once that happens you can write off that person. So be very careful. Once you cross the pond/lake, you have to walk for about ten minutes. There you will find a deep pit. You have to cross that pit without falling into it. The pit is full of deadly snakes. If someone falls into that pit, that person’s survival chances are zero. Once you cross that pit, you need to walk further down for fifteen minutes. In the center of the path you will find a red colored stone. One person can not lift it. I want you to bring that stone to me. Don’t worry, once you lift that stone, the pit, the pond/lake will disappear and you will see clear path. Not only that once you lift that stone, you will find your car just in front of you. You can lift the stone and keep it anywhere in your car and bring it here. A word of caution to you all and that is, once you try to bring that stone, some unknown forces may attack you. I don’t know how to tackle them. Now tell me whether you people will be able to do my work?’ the old lady concluded her long talk.

“Before we answer your question, we would like to know what reward you are going to give us if we take all those risks and bring that stone and give it to you?” Bruce asked inquiringly.

“Good question and my answer to your question will definitely satisfy you. My answer is, if you bring that stone and give it to me. I will then get you the treasure for which you have taken all this trouble” the old lady smilingly replied.

“Suppose we say that we will not bring your stone, just suppose, then what?” Bruce asked.

“Simple Bruce, if you don’t do my work then within seconds I will send you back to the cave from where you escaped with my help” the old lady replied firmly.

“Well then we hardly have any choice. I suppose we can trust you on your word regarding the reward?” Bruce asked.

“Yes you can trust me. I have no interest on that treasure. Once you bring that stone and hand it over to me, then I will get you the treasure here. You need not again go there and get caught by the giants. Not only that, I will see that you will reach homes with the treasure without any problems” the old lady replied with firmness in her voice.

“Well then we will start straight away. We try our best to bring you that stone. We are on a dangerous journey. You took back that red round object also. We have nothing to protect ourselves” Bruce told getting into the car. The other three also got into the car.

“OK Bruce, I understand your concern” telling that the old lady waved her hand in the air three times and pulled out a small silver rod which almost looked like a silver pencil.

“OK Bruce, take this. I am giving this to you because you’re the team leader of this operation. Remember this will help you only once and then will disappear, so use it very carefully” telling that, the old lady gave that silver pencil like thing to Bruce.

“What kind of help it will do?” Bruce asked the old lady.

“Anything, but not getting you treasure. It will help you once when you get into trouble and ask for help” the old lady replied.

Bruce took it and kept it in his pant pocket. He then started the car and started steering it towards north.

After going about five kilometers, Charleston asked Bruce, “What do you think Bruce? Shall we take all that trouble and do that old lady’s job. We may even lose our lives in the process.


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