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Greed gives agony not money: Part-7

“Charleston, I know the risks, but what choice we have got? The old lady told that if we refuse to do her work, she will send us back to that cave. Once we go there we are destined to die. Either case death his staring at us. Who knows here we may survive and if that happens we will get that treasure which is our life time ambition” Bruce replied.

Alfred and Dickson were silently listening to the conversation.

Alfred suddenly burst out, “I told you people not to venture into that deadly forest for the sake of the treasure. You never listened to me. Now we have to select between the devil and the deep sea”.

Dickson consoling Alfred told in an assuring voice, “Alfred, don’t worry, I have a feeling that we will be able to make it”.

“I think Alfred is right. We should have not ventured into this dangerous mission. Having taken that foolish decision of our life, now we are hardly left with any choice but to proceed further” Bruce replied.

“Bruce watch out, there appears to be a very narrow path ahead. This goddamn forest never seems to end and it looks like we have to do this journey through this thick forest.” Charleston told cautioning Bruce.

“Yes I observed the narrowing down of the path further ahead. I will be careful” Bruce replied.

“Bruce look there, we have a guest hanging from the tree” Dickson suddenly shouted.

“That’s a Black Rat Snake which usually is found in Canada. I can tell that because it’s almost eight feet in length and by its appearance” Alfred replied.

“Alfred has studied quite a lot about snakes” Charleston clarified.

Bruce maneuvered the car and took it away from that lengthy snake.

“Alfred, did anyone tell you that you will die of snake bites? If not why did you study about snakes” Bruce suddenly asked Alfred.

“No Bruce, I will not die of snake bite, but I was told that I will die by getting drowned in water” Alfred replied.

“Who told that Alfred?” Dickson asked Alfred.

“Well one old lady told my mom that I will die by getting drowned. So, my mom asked me never to get into water” Alfred replied.

“We have to cross that pond/river on our mission. I suggest you don’t get into water there. We will pick you up on our way back” Bruce suggested to Alfred.

“I think I will do that Bruce, I don’t want to die so early. I just got married about a year back and my wife loves me so much” Alfred replied.

Bruce suddenly turned to right seeing a diversion road there.

“Why did you suddenly turn to right Bruce” Charleston asked Bruce.

“We just passed fifty kilometers and the old lady told that we have to turn to east. Exactly at that point I found the diversion road to right (east). So I turned the vehicle. We have to travel twenty kilometer further and then we will get that pond/lake” Bruce replied.

“We have two dangers ahead of us. First is that pond/lake. The old lady said that if we place our foot at that deep point, then we are gone. As per what the old lady said, I feel that the pond/lake is shallow. I am guessing this because she told that if we put our foot on that deep point then we are gone. So I feel we have to walk through the waters and cannot swim” Bruce told the rest.

“I think we reached the pond/lake. There is no way further. Anyone has to necessarily cross this pond/lake to go to the other side” telling that Bruce stopped the car.

All the four of them got down from the car. The place is in the midst of the thick forest.

“Alfred, you stay back. We will go further and complete the work and pick you up on our way back” Bruce suggested to Alfred.

“No Bruce, I can’t stay alone here. Some tiger may come and eat me away. As you are saying that pond is shallow, I will also come with you three” Alfred replied to Bruce.

“Fine, it’s your decision. Now let us start walking through this pond/lake” Bruce told Alfred and waved to others.

All the four got into the pond/lake and as expected it is very shallow. The water is below their knees. Bruce, Charleston and Dickson started walking in the front and Alfred is following them slowly at their back. Alfred suddenly found himself far behind because the rest of three are moving fast.

“Bruce, something is pulling me down” Alfred shouted suddenly.

The rest of the three turned back and found only the raised hand of Alfred.

“My God Alfred is getting drowned. Let us go and rescue him” Shouting that Charleston and Dickson started moving back fast.


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