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Greed gives agony not money: Part-8

Bruce did not move, but took out the silver pencil like rod and holding it in front he told, “My friend Alfred is getting drowned because some powerful force is pulling him down. Please save him”.

The moment Bruce told that the silver rod got off his hands and went straight into the water where Alfred is getting drowned. Within seconds afterwards, Alfred came out of water. But the silver rod never came out.

“How are you Alfred” Bruce asked him.

“I am fine. How did I get saved?” Alfred asked.

Even Charleston and Dickson looked at Bruce for his reply.

“Simple Alfred, I used the silver rod given by that old lady. It saved you and went off” Bruce replied.

“So we could save Alfred, but left with nothing to save us anymore” Charleston told others.

“Never mind, I wanted to save Alfred and I used it. Hereafter let us be careful” Bruce replied.

Turning to Alfred, Bruce continued, “You be in the midst of us from now on”.

“Thanks Bruce for saving my life. I was pulled down by some giant hands. If you would not have used that silver rod, I would have died by now. Yes, I will be in the centre to all you three” Alfred told Bruce.

Firmly holding Alfred’s hands, the rest of the three moved past the water and in minutes they reached the other side.

“Now we have to walk fifteen minutes before we get that deadly pit” Charleston told others.

“Yes, if we could cross that pit, we can consider that our work is half done” Dickson told others.

Holding each others hands all the four of them started moving very fast towards that deadly pit.

In about thirteen minutes they reached that deadly pit. Bruce just looked inside it and found that the pit is very deep. It is about 6 to 7 feet long and its width covered the entire path.

“We have to necessarily cross this pit to go to the other side” Bruce told the rest”.

“But how to cross 7 feet long pit. If we jump we will fall into the pit” Charleston told the rest.

“Charleston I think we brought the big tool box when started on the treasure finding mission. Please bring it from the car” Bruce told Charleston.

After Charleston brought that tool box, Bruce opened it and took out one battery driven cutter.

“Now we have to cut those tree branches which are sufficiently long and thick. We need a minimum of ten 11 feet length and sufficiently thick wooden blocks, which we should cut from the trees. Let us do this in turns. We will not ask Alfred to do the work as he still appears weak” Bruce told the rest.

“I will start the work” Charleston replied. He took the cutter from Bruce and started cutting tree branches.

In about an hour Charleston, Bruce and Dickson by turns completed cutting 10 pieces of 11 feet length tree blocks. They took out the plastic rope from the box and tied all the ten wooden blocks together. The three of them, other than Alfred carried it near the pit and holding it on one end, they made the other end fall to the other bank of the pit. They later adjusted it in such a way that two feet length wooden block is on both the banks of the pit.

“This is about three feet wide. I think we can carefully cross the pit now walking on this make shift path we made” Bruce told the rest.

Before other replied, Bruce continued, “I will be leading the team, behind me will be Alfred, behind him Dickson and Charleston will be behind Dickson. Is it OK?”

“Yes, I endorse your walking protocol” Charleston replied to Bruce.

They started walking very slowly. Less than halfway through the path, Dickson slipped and fell from the path. Immediately Charleston caught hold of his hand and shouted, “Bruce, come and help me, Dickson will otherwise fall into the pit”.


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