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Keep Your Ego in the Heart of Compumatrix


Are you in charge of your ego or is your ego in charge of you?

Some people wear their ego on their sleeve. There is a danger with this as your ego is exposed. You may not give this too much thought at the time but what about the effects it has later? This doesn’t even factor in the consequences you may never be aware of.

A man goes to see a Therapist and states: “I think everyone is out to get me!” The Therapist replies: “You are right! Everyone IS out to get you! That will be $100.”

Of course jokes such as these run rampant but isn’t there some reality behind when this joke first got started? How many times have you felt you were over looked for a promotion at work? Did your ego bury your chances a few months back?


If you do not understand anything else I have to say, take this away with you today:

If you wear your ego on your sleeve (exposed) does it represent you or is it doing damage to your image you portray to the World? If you keep your ego close to your heart and let it guide you to do the good things, is this a better service for you to provide?

The closer you keep your ego to the core of who you are, the more inline you will be with your life’s objectives. How do you want others to remember you? Do you boast and challenge everyone and everything in your path? Or, do you try to work with your environment and draw the energy from others for the completion of a task?

A wealthy man was about to die and he told his wife exactly what he wanted to be done with all of his money. He was very selfish to the point of denying his wife anything more than very simple pleasures although he enjoyed his life lavishly. When he died, everyone was surprised at the wake for the wife was so full of life. One of the wife’s friends approached her and finally asked about her jubilance. She comment: “My husband wanted most of the remaining money to be spent on a most expensive monumental stone.” At this point, she raised her hand displaying the most expensive Diamond ring anyone had seen and stated, “Isn’t this just the most beautiful monumental stone for my late husband?” 

How do you want to be remembered?


Why would I title this: Keep Your Ego in the Heart of Compumatrix

It is the heart of Compumatrix that has brought us together and the reason we have been here so long (soon to be forever). This is a cooperative business in many senses. We work together as a group, sharing with each other as we present our business to the World of E-Commerce.

Oh-oh, I just opened up a can of worms! Now that I mentioned the “E-commerce” word, I probably should give this a little more attention! Well, I’M NOT! You have to stay tuned to our blog site where you will find a lot of useful information.

Who we are and what we do is something you will not have to ask a year from now. For right now, however, you might want to learn more.


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