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Greed gives agony not money: Part-9

Bruce asked Alfred to move forward slowly and crossing Alfred came to the rescue of Dickson by holding his other hand. The wooden path started tilting towards the side that Dickson is hanging.

“Alfred, how far you have gone” Bruce shouted.

“I reached the other side Bruce” Alfred replied in a loud tone.

“Good, Charleston now let us slowly lift Dickson up” Bruce told to Charleston.

Both Bruce and Charleston started pulling Dickson up. Slowly but surely the wooden path started tilting towards the side Dickson is hanging. With great difficulty they finally pulled Dickson up, but by that time the tilt of the wooden path has reached dangerous proportions.

“Charleston, you move back so that the weight will be on the other side also. Charleston immediately moved to the other side and the wooden path regained its balance. Then all the three slowly moved to the other bank of the pit.

“You people made it” Alfred shouted in joy.

“Yes we made it for now. I don’t know how many more dangers we have to encounter” Bruce replied.

“Now we have to walk for fifteen minutes before we reach that red stone. Let us move fast” Charleston told the rest.

All the four of them started walking briskly. After walking for about fourteen minutes they found that the path is blocked by some stones. Among them the first stone is red in color.

“This must be the stone the old lady wanted. They also found that the red stone is stuck at the bottom. They tried to move it unsuccessfully.

“Looks like this red stone is the upper portion of some other stone which is beneath the ground. What should we do now?” Bruce asked the others.

“But that old lady told that red stone will be there. It implies that it is a standalone stone and not part of another stone” Charleston replied.

“How about cutting it from the bottom so that we get the red portion of the stone” Dickson asked Bruce.

“Cut with what? Our cutter won’t cut stones” Bruce replied.

“What should we do then?” Charleston asked.

“I have a feeling that this not that red stone. The old lady told that we will see the red stone after walking for 15 minutes. We walked only 14 minutes. Let us go further” Alfred suggested.

“You may be right Alfred. Nothing wrong to go further and look for the red stone” Bruce replied.

They started moving further crossing the rocks. After walking for about 2 minutes, they saw a big red stone which approximately is 2 feet in length and width and 1foot in height.

“This must be the stone the old lady wanted. Thanks Alfred, but for your suggestion we would have been struggling to cut that stone. Bruce and Charleston went forward and lifted the stone. The moment they lifted the stone, they heard a big sound and to their surprise saw their car in front of them. They opened the back door of the car and placed the stone in there and closed the door. All the four also got into the car. Charleston sat by the side of Bruce who is in the driving seat. The other two sat in the back seat.

“I never thought it is this easy” Charleston told to Bruce who started the car.

“Don’t be happy as yet Charleston. Remember the old lady said that once we start with the stone some unknown forces may attack us. We have more dangers ahead of us and we have nothing to protect us” Bruce replied to Charleston.

Bruce while driving observed that the deadly pit and the pond/lake are no more there. It’s a clear path now. Bruce looked at his watch. It is showing 2 AM.

“We are still in the mid of the night. Let us see what we have to see ahead” Bruce exclaimed.

Bruce started driving carefully because it’s a narrow path and mostly dark.

“If you three want to catch some sleep, go ahead and sleep. I will take care of the driving” Bruce told the rest.

Soon after that, even before the three slipped into sleep, the car suddenly stopped with a big jerk.

Bruce tried to restart the car unsuccessfully.

“What happened? Charleston asked Bruce.

“I don’t know Charleston, the car suddenly stopped and my attempts to restart it failed. I don’t know why it stopped” Bruce replied to Charleston.

“It stopped because I stopped it. It will not start until I give permission” one loud voice came from the dark.

“Who is that?” Bruce asked.

A tall figure with complete black attire appeared before them coming out of the darkness.

“I am the protector of that stone. I will not allow anyone to take that stone from its place. So you will not be able to take that stone from here” that tall figure in black attire told.


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