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One hundred years ago, a family fortune would have been made over several generations. More recent, this family fortune could have been made over one generation. In today’s fast paced economy, this family fortune can be made virtually over night!

When something new is accepted, the people responsible for the accomplishment can become very wealthy. This is often considered an overnight success. The people behind the success often tell a different story. They often tell a story of the hardships they endured for extreme periods of time before their accomplishment(s) were recognized.

In his book, The Education of Millionaires, Michael Ellsberg displays many that “made it” by following their dream. It was not their higher education that helped them attain their success. Far from it, it took abandoning their formal education and applying themselves from a more reasonable level of assumption.


By now, if you haven’t heard about virtual currencies, digital currencies or cryptocurrencies, I would ask you how you are reading this blog without an Internet connection?

The use of cryptocurrencies is a paradigm shift the World of E-commerce is in great need of. Until now, it has been one thing to communicate instantly but another thing to be paid instantly. With the slow process of payment, came the disparity between doing E-commerce and being paid for it.

In the post (I Keep Finding Virtual Currencies), I wrote:

Until I became aware of virtual currencies, I never noticed them. Now, I am involved with a company that produces Virtual Currency. (Compumatrix, producer of Compuceeds). Now, I notice them everywhere when I am on the Internet. One that is on the news all the time is Bitcoin. 

When something new is “happening”, the Internet spreads the message with great intensity. If the information is favorable, you will notice! As in the saying: “you can’t keep a good man down”, there is a newer saying: “YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD IDEA DOWN!”

Cryptocurrency is more than a good idea. It is the producer of :



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