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Greed gives agony not money: Part-10

“Is this stone that important that it needs a protector? There are many stones around here. By the way what is your name?” Bruce asked that tall figure in black attire.

“My name is Killsta. I am a ghost. Yes, that stone is important and that is why that old lady asked you to bring that stone. She has some powers but she has no powers to protect herself from me in this place. If I go to her place then she will vanquish me. She dare not come here, so she sent you people here. I have nothing against you. Leave the stone here and go away, then I will not harm you” Killsta replied.

“We have no love for that old lady Killsta. When you told so many things, you may know that we were rather forced to come here. If we go empty handed we are sure to die” Bruce replied to Killsta.

“Yes I know the powers of that wicked old lady. She is extremely dangerous. I don’t know what she will do with this stone. Our ghost leader has assigned me the job of protecting this stone and I am precisely doing that” Killsta told to Bruce.

“You don’t allow us to take the stone and that old lady will send us into the hands of those giants if we fail to take this stone. Killsta please suggest us what we should do?” Bruce asked Killsta.

“I am not here to give suggestions. Till now I spoke softly. You must leave that stone here and leave this place without any further delay, otherwise you will see me in action” Killsta told Bruce.

“Cool Killsta, cool, we will leave that stone here. Please come and collect your stone from the car” Bruce told Killsta.

Killsta started moving towards the car and as he touched the front of the car, a lightning like light spark bounced on Killsta and he shouted with anger “That damn old lady has done something to your car” and fell down.

Immediately the car started and Bruce maneuvered the car by the side of fallen Killsta and moved the car with fastness that he could manage.

“I can’t believe this” Charleston told Bruce and continued, “So the old lady has made our car strong if not us”.

After driving for about an hour they reached the point from where they took a right turn. Turning the car to left Bruce told the rest, “I think we have come to a safe zone. We have to still travel fifty kilometers which in this forest will take more than two hours. You people catch up with some sleep”.

Alfred, Charleston and Dickson slowly slipped into sleep.

Bruce started recollecting the incidents from the time they started on the mission for treasure. Except problems they got nothing so far. Alfred strongly suggested not going on a money hunt, but the lure for money, that too easy money has brought them into this situation. Leaving families behind, not only the three of them started but pulled Alfred also into this mess. In any case there is no going back.

After driving the car for about 5 kilometers Bruce felt tired and exhausted. He stopped the car. Bruce told himself, “The obstacles and dangers are almost over. Why not rest for some time and start after getting up”. Having decided on that Bruce relaxed in the seat and slipped into sleep.

All the four of them suddenly woke up by a deafening sound. They looked on all sides.

“Look that side” Alfred nearly shouted.

All the three turned that side and shocked to see nearly 20 feet high human like thing with hair allover the body and the face looked like that of an animal. That creature which is at a distance of 200 meters started coming to their side making that deafening sound.

“Bruce you start the car” Charleston shouted.

In seconds Bruce started the car and started driving it with the maximum speed he can on that narrow dark path.

“What is time now?” Bruce asked Charleston.

“It’s 5 AM” Bruce replied.

“Dickson keep looking back and see where is that tall creature” Bruce shouted.

“My God it is coming close. May be it is 100 meters behind us. Bruce please increase the speed” Dickson replied.

Bruce started maneuvering the car with all his driving skills and increased the speed. After about 10 minutes, Dickson said, “Looks like we have left it far behind. But don’t reduce the speed of the car. Who knows it may suddenly appear again”.

Suddenly the left side front wheel fell into a pit like thing and the car could not move further.

“OK Bruce I understood the problem. Myself and Dickson will get down and lift that wheel from that pit” saying that he signaled Dickson and both of them got down. They took nearly three minutes to lift the wheel from the pit

“We made it” they both shouted.

“Get back into the car you fools, look back that creature is just 50 meters behind us” Alfred shouted.

Charleston and Dickson got back into the car with lightening speed and Charleston shouted, “Bruce start the car”

Bruce started the car and in seconds and increased the speed. By that time that creature reached the back of the car and with its giant hands caught the back side of the car with an iron grip. Bruce tried to increase the speed but in vain. The car didn’t move further.


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