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Greed gives agony not money: Part-11

“Bruce use the back gear and take the car with all the speed to back and then forward” Alfred shouted.

Bruce immediately did the same. When the car with high speed went in reverse, it has hit the creature with a force that it can’t resist. The creature left the car and fell down. Bruce immediately moved the car forward with amazing speed. Dickson looking back told, “The creature could not still get up. Let us move fast”.

For the next fifteen minutes or so all the four of them are very tense. After that they thought that they have left the creature far behind and started relaxing.

“My God it looked like a small mountain. Good it could not catch us, otherwise we would have become its food by now” Charleston said with joy.

Suddenly they heard big sounds at a distance on both left and right sides of the car.

“Look what is that sound about” Bruce told the rest driving the car fast.

“My god two same type of creature are coming out of the trees, one from left and another from right. May be they are the associates of the creature that fell down. Come on Bruce, drive the car with all the speed you can. If we get caught we can write ourselves off” Alfred told Bruce.

Bruce increased the speed of the car, but those two small mountain sized creatures started moving towards the car with amazing speed.

It’s literally a race for life for these four and a matter of taking revenge for those two creatures. Although Bruce is driving the car as fast as he can in those narrow dark roads, those two creatures are moving with equal if not more speed towards the car.

“It looks to me that we are destined to die in the hands of these two creatures” Alfred told in a depressed voice.

“Alfred you don’t become tense. Bruce is trying his best to move the car fast. Let us be positive. If one of us gets depressed, naturally the morale others will be down. We must be courageous at this critical time” Charleston chided Alfred.

“Look there guys, one of the creatures has lifted a big rock and watch out it is throwing that rock on to the car” Dickson told the rest.

That rock started coming towards the car like a bullet. Bruce closely watching its movements, suddenly diverted the car when the big rock was about to fall on the car. As a result the rock fell a little away from the car.

“Goodness gracious, we could escape the onslaught for now. These two creatures appear to be very dangerous” Alfred told the rest.

Bruce silently and steadily kept driving the car. In that darkness the car hit a stone probably grouted on the road and jumped to a distance. While this is happening the back door of the car got opened and the stone fell down from the car.

“Bruce the stone fell down” Dickson shouted.

Bruce suddenly stopped the car and looked back. The moment the stone fell down, both those two creatures stopped where they are. Some light like rays started emanating from the stone and they started traveling towards the side where the creatures stopped. By seeing those rays the creatures turned back and started running. Before those creatures move farther, the rays went and touched them. The moment those rays touched them, both the creatures fell down. By seeing all this all the four got down from the car. The creatures are in about 500 meters away in a fallen state.

“What might have happened to those two creatures?” Dickson asked Bruce.

“How do I know? May be they are wounded or may be they are dead, because there is no movement in their bodies” Bruce replied.

As Bruce was replying the creature which fell down came near those two creatures. By seeing them, it shouted “You killed my associates” and started moving towards those four. Even before it moved five meters some more rays emanated from the stone and hit the creature and it also fell down and died.

“My God, I could never imagine that this stone is so powerful” Bruce told the rest of the three.

“Yes, it looks like it is very powerful. That may be the reason why that old lady asked us to bring that stone” Charleston replied.

“Let us put back the stone in the car” Bruce signaled to Charleston. Both Bruce and Charleston have put back the stone in the back side of the car, closed and locked the back door.

“We must be fools to give this powerful stone to that old lady” Dickson told the rest.

“Are you nuts Dickson? If we don’t give this stone to that old lady, she will toss us back to that cave” Charleston angrily replied.

“He is right Charleston, don’t give me to that old lady” one voice came from the backside of the car told.

“Who is it?” all the four of them asked at a time.

“I am the stone you are carrying. I am actually an angel. Because I did one mistake, I have become a stone. If I help you four, then I will get back to my original angel status” the stone replied.


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