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Greed gives agony not money: Part-12

“We are extremely happy to know that you are an angel, but how do you plan to help us?” Bruce asked the stone.

“To help you from that old lady who is in fact a deadly ghost, you must first take an oath that you will never henceforth go on a treasure hunt. Please remember that God has given us this human shape to behave in a humanly manner. God has given us intelligence so that we can analyze our actions and proposed actions, God has given us strength, both physical and mental so that we not only do only good things but also earn our bread by hard work. Easy money makes any person lazy and induces the person towards vices. Never ever again think of laying your hands on easy money. You are all happily married and should lead a positive life. Once you people give me your word that you will not go after easy money, then God will give me the strength to help you” the stone replied.

“Say yes you fools I desisted you three from this treasure hunt. Because of the lure for easy money we passed through so many difficulties. Now God has given us a chance to correct ourselves. Come on let us give our word to the angel that we will never go for easy money” Alfred loudly told the rest.

With Bruce taking the lead all the four gave their word to the angel that they will never go after easy money.

The moment they gave tat word, the stone turned into a winged angel.

“Now listen I am creating a similar stone which looks like the stone you brought. Take that stone and give it to that old lady. She will ultimately find that the stone you gave is not the stone she wanted and gets wild on you four. But don’t worry; I will be following you in the air invisible. I will see that you four will reach your homes safe” telling that the angel waved her hands and a stone similar to that the four brought took the position in the car. After that she appeared in the air in front of the car for all the four to see her and waving her hands she disappeared.

“This is all like a dream” Alfred told the rest.

“Yes Alfred this is like a dream. I think we have come to the end of our ordeal” Bruce started telling, “If only we would have listened to Alfred we would not have faced this ordeal. This is not only a lesson to us, but all those who read our story”.

“You are right Alfred and Bruce, we nearly died. The angel has opened our eyes. Once we get out of this ordeal and reach our homes, let us earn a living with hard work and smart investing” Charleston replied.

By the time it is morning they reached that old lady’s hut.

Seeing them the old lady came running towards the car.

“Have you people brought that stone?” she asked the four.

“Yes with lot of difficulty” Bruce replied.

“I know you people will bring it. Now bring that stone and keep it here in this circle” telling that the old lady moved her hand like a circle. With that a circle with white border got formed there.

Bruce and Charleston opened the back door of the car and took out the stone. To their surprise they found that the stone weighed like a feather, but they pretended as if it is heavy and took it and kept it in that circle. Once they placed the stone in that circle, the old lady waved her hand and flames appeared on the border of the circle.

“I have tide you down here you cursed angel, you will now be under my control” the old lady with all the happiness on her face loudly told.

Alfred, Bruce, Charleston and Dickson kept watching as to what is going to happen next.

To the dismay of the old lady the flames spread and engulfed the hut and in seconds the hut became ash.

“How did this happen? The stick in which all my powers are there also got burnt down in those flames” shouting that she turned to the side where the four are standing and in a deafening voice shouted, “you cheats you have not brought the correct stone. I will toss you into that cave now”.

The old lady suddenly turned into a frightening Ghost and tried to utter some words.

Suddenly the angel appeared there and told, “You are finished Kannoni (that is the name of the old lady turned ghost), you can not utter any word now. God has taken away all your wicked powers”.

“So these four cheated me with your help?’ Kannoni shouted.

“Yes that is what has happened precisely” the angel replied.

Turning to the four standing there, the angel said, “Pray God to vanquish this ghost”.

Alfred, Bruce, Charleston and Dickson then prayed God.

In seconds Kannoni got vanquished.

“Now you are free. Go back to your homes and be happy” Angel told the four and continued, “Have you understood what the real treasure is?” she asked the four.

“Yes Angel contentment is our treasure. Thank you for making us realize that our work is our treasure. We will henceforth earn our living and will be content with what we have”. The four of them told in one voice.

Waving goodbye to them Angel disappeared.

All the four got into the car and starting the car Bruce told the rest, “Well friends we have come back to our senses. I feel very happy. What about you three?”

“We are also very happy” the three replied in a happy tone.

They started their pleasant journey back to their homes.

Suddenly Charleston shouted, “I have an idea!”

“Again a treasure hunt?” the rest of the three shouted at him.

“No, this is more than a treasure. One of my friends is a Founding Member of Compumatrix. She told me that the company is good. Why not join Compumatrix?” Charleston replied.

“We will surely discuss with your friend once we reach our homes and settle” all the three replied.

All the four of them looked more than happy. What about you?

Foot Note: Friends I wanted to end this story as a tragedy, but on rethinking I gave it a happy ending. If I wanted I would have added another 29 parts to this story, but didn’t do it because this is basically a blog site. Eventually when I write it as a book, it will be three times in size. Thank you all for very patiently reading an ordinary fiction thriller.


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