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Find Someone That’s Busy


If you need something done, find someone that’s busy….

In this modern World of E-commerce, people often get lost. It’s not like you can give them a roadmap and send them down the street to find that address for the bakery. This is the modern world and the corner bakery lost business to the corporate bakery that moved in a mile away. Now, you can get everything you need in the Super Grocery. (Do you remember when the “Super Markets” moved in and squeezed out the little corner grocery stores?)

People don’t have a trade anymore. They go thru High School then they need to continue onto College so they can “get a GOOD job”. There are no longer non-skilled jobs that are going to get you thru life at the same job. With so many people lost, they do not know what to do and are often afraid of doing the wrong thing so they think it is best to do nothing!

When you are delegating work that must be done, who do you assign it to? I have always heard it this way: if you need something done, find someone that’s busy and give it to them. They will get it done!


I was reading in Entrepreneur Magazine about the Editor in Chief Amy Cosper. She was talking about being a rebel which started for her when she had a 5th Grade assignment. She stretched a story and this is when she began thinking outside the norm. She had to draw her Grandfather that told his story. When she asked her mother what he did, her mother told her he was an Entrepreneur. 

I don’t want to tell you the entire story but I wanted to use this to ask you: are you a rebel?

I saw an image of a sheep turning around and asking all the other sheep: Why are you following me? This made me think a little and the idea of all of being sheep doesn’t appeal to the spirit of man (and women). So, why is it we try so hard to conform and the workplace tries so hard to create an atmosphere of conformity?

How many times do you have to be hit on the top of your head before you learn to keep your head down? Isn’t it this way in the Corporate environment? If you are an underling, are you NOT suppose to come up with great ideas? You do not want to show the boss up, do you?


The entrepreneur is a rebel: GET USE TO IT!

I think people are born with a creative gene. I really do not believe it is the job of our Education System to stamp out this creativity. (However, they do a good job!) Sometime, you are going to look back and recognize the teachers, instructors and professors you had and the ones you will remember will be the ones that helped you release your inner creative power.


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