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I Remember My Mission


I often reflect on Robert Kiyosaki’s books from one or more lines or thoughts. I do not recall which book it was but Robert was talking about a comment from his father, “you just have to keep the light on”. This was regarding your kids wondering away and not being sure where they are going with their lives. Keeping that door open to them gives them the stability when they may need it most.

We often have to “come home” maybe not physically but at least mentally. We venture out and the world slaps us across the face and we retreat in disbelief! We think: “if that were someone I didn’t like or trust, the fight would have been on!” We are in such shock that we do nothing because we don’t know how to react!

This is when we come home and regroup. We learned our lesson and now we are ready for the next chapter in our lives. We won’t get caught off guard with this situation again!

We came home, we regrouped and we are out the door to do it again (only differently).

Sometimes that slap can be a wake up call that we are NOT on the right path.


This morning, I was pretty much beating myself up. The last few days I was suffering from “writer’s block” and nothing seemed to move me forward. I thought about calling some people that might jar me enough to help me move past this. However, I was listening to the radio station (K-Love) and a caller called in. She apologized and said she called the wrong number. The DJ’s told her it was their experience that these calls were NOT the wrong number but inspired spiritually because the caller was in need. At this, the caller broke down and cried as she told her story.

At that moment, I told myself: “I REMEMBER MY MISSION.”

I think about it this way. In her blog post (Where Were You When You Found Compumatrix), Catherine wrote:

This wasn’t the case for my husband. He changed entire careers and found himself lost. While “searching for himself”, he found a life waiting for him on the Internet. This is when he found Compumatrix.

I took a job November of 1986 that put me on path with my mission and I haven’t looked back since. Although that job and I split ways in 5 years, it changed my life and my outlook for humanity in general. (By the way, my supervisor told me when I hit 4 years that the average stay on that job was 1 1/2 years.)

My mission is to help others by finding means to accomplish this. As far as the radio station, I donate $100 a month out of my early retirement to their mission. This pales in comparison to what we will be doing because of our association with Compumatrix.


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