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Do You, ‘Have Respect for the Individual’?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What this old adage is saying that we must respect the individual. There is so little respect shown both in the business work place as well as in our personal lives. You may disagree. You may have a wonderful environment in which to work. Be very thankful for this.

Many employers regard their employees the same as they regard a product that may be used, abused or discarded at will. On the other hand, some employers have embraced their employees and made them partners in the growth of the company.

Please do not get me wrong. The employer should expect the employee to function to the best of their ability and fulfill established, well defined, and obtainable goals. The employer, under these circumstances, may very well expect success from the employee or termination would be in order. The key is the circumstances. Such as a supervisor that touts their position with saying such as; “I push them to their limits and then expect more. And this is how I get results for there is always another person needing a job” However, employers, who would discriminate against an employee, for various reasons, can easily place an employee in unattainable, or impossible situations in which the employee will fail to fulfill expectations. How will this affect the employee’s mental attitude and worthiness? The best leaders, and they are very few, not only lead by example, but they inspire people to do more than they ever did before, and they never, ever demand it, they simply, “Ask.”

Therefore, resolve to be honest and forthright. If you have an employee that you do not like, then trying to have an honest conversation with them concerning those things that you dislike is far more honest and rewarding. You never know what may come of such honesty. If this does not help, then try to move them to another place in the organization. Too many people are made leaders who simply are not cut out for it, but they jump at every bark, and they give the barking right down the line, so in the assumption they are just what is needed. Then what a downward spiral that creates, is beyond understanding. But, who cares if that bonus check for this year comes, but what about the next year? Most employers are short sighted, for the greatest companies are those who inspire for the long term, but then so many hire short sighted people as supervisors, and the companies start to fail.

In our personal lives, a lack of respect for the individual is played out in our dating games, our parenting, our marriages, and our friendships. It is treating the other person as though they are less significant that yourself. We lie, cheat, deceive and harass others as though we are the important ones and the other person is our property or beneath us. Any time we are behaving deceptively or cruelly we are acting with disrespect and disregard for the other person. What separates us from the animals is our power to choose our behavior.

Resolve to be honest in your personal life. The way to maintain this is to have honest talks about wants, needs and desires with your spouse. Have discussions concerning your fears and your needs. Discuss those things that you want to pursue. Then together you can seek the same objectives.

Well, now that we have covered some of the general topics, let me tell you there is much more; but for now, we will close with my favorite example of a good leader, in all aspects of the above. There is a man who inspired thousands to follow him, without question, and they were even willing to die for him. But, that is not the main part of it, this man turn around and even made many angry with him, and yet they understood that it was for them, and them alone that he said these things. Then he did something no other man had ever done, he promised them the greatest thing anyone could ever offer and then he died for them, to prove his love. I suppose many of you have guessed, I speak of the Lord Jesus Christ! The great leader that ever lived, and he did so without threats, and meaningless stress. sc


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