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Have you taken an inventory of what you have and what you do not have? The real question is: What do you need?

Although I can’t give you the “real” answer, maybe I can ask you to think about the question and how important are those items that you are bombarded with thru advertising. May I also point out it is NOT the advertising that pushes you but all in your mind. It is that part of the brain that makes you feel guilty if you do not keep up with your peers.

I heard a statistic some time ago: Your income will be approximately the average of the incomes of the 5 people you spend the most time with!

This lends itself perfectly to the “peer culture” you surround yourself with that have to have the same value in the cars you drive, the smae value in the homes you live in and approximately the same electronic toys you own.

In my blog post: (Tap Into Your Own Creativity), I wrote the following.

What do you need to do so you can tap into your own creativity? Some people need to just “get away” from it all. It may be your environment that holds you back. Have you considered “taking an electronics break”? You may need to turn off all your electronics and just spend time in your own mind.

I recently heard about a family that decided to take a year off from the pressures of their peer culture. Their children were 5 & 7 years old (so not too difficult for the buy in). For one year, they didn’t buy any toys (for themselves or the kids). They cut themselves off their electronics. They reported that they had a very wonderful year and felt closer than ever.


Are you looking for that balance? I know we are. I had to ask my husband the other day why he was looking into that next step once we are earning on a regular basis with our Compumatrix business. His answer surprised me!

What do you need?


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