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I had to take this short diversion from what I am about to write to let you know (as Compumatrix members) that I write for your readership and not necessarily by the book regarding proper SEO standards. By this, I am referring to the “incorrect” emphasis on The Title of this post. To be correct, and optimized, you should spend considerable time writing your Title so it would be picked up by the Search Engines. Enough gobbledygook for now!

Onward and forward!


This afternoon, I have been going over and reviewing some advertising materials that I have combed thru over the last 2-3 years. After spending this time going over instructional videos, my conclusion is: Tell me what I need to hear!

When someone is about to make a decision based on buying a product or service, isn’t this all they want? If you are the one that reaches the client or customer with the right message, you win the bid.

As I was winding down the time spent on these videos today, I went to my email to see the message I sent to someone regarding where I stand within a certain program that I have been a member of for almost 4 years. All I asked is where do I stand? 

I had a friend that I used to market with. He would call me occasionally telling me he had these charges on his bank account asking me if I knew what they were. We would laugh but now, I know how he felt!

When I think about getting all of this going (including Compumatrix), all I can think of right now is how much money I have going out and not coming in! Therefore, something has to give! I may have to give up my marketing positions that I have been paying for. (This would mean selling off a very valuable asset that would not be available again.)


I have so many ventures that I have been waiting on. Some cost time yet others cost time and money. All of them are overdue.

It’s like taking a book out of the library and not returning it. You will be billed overdue charges and no one else will have the use of the content. I haven’t been able to write in my personal blog for more than 2 months now because there is nothing to write. However, in its time, there will be plenty to write when we are ready to change the world and seize the day!

Tell me what I need to hear!


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