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The Goal is to Lose Weight


It’s hard to keep your perspective when there are distractions keeping you from your focus. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

It’s hard to remember your goal is to drain the swamp when you are A– deep in Alligators!

Sometimes the distractions take on a certain urgency that you just can not ignore. As in the above quote, are you going to ignore the obvious distraction that may cost you an arm and a leg? Ask anyone that is on a mission to lose weight. Sometimes ignoring the refrigerator may be inconceivable when the goal is to lose weight.

If the goal is to lose weight, then why are there so many temptations? There are even temptations in the business world that could cause instant weight gain. Have you heard about the guy that did an experiment with McDonalds? He ate only at McDonalds but every time the counter attendant would ask if he wanted that “super sized” he would take this offer. He wanted to see if he would gain weight and yes, he did.

Over the weekend, I pasted by a Dairy Queen. I reminded myself of my reward I promised myself when my business pays me. The reward: when we receive our first payment, my reward will be to go to Dairy Queen and treat myself with a “Peanut Buster Parfait!

I laughed as I passed the restaurant and told myself, “I know I will gain 10 pounds the first week!”

I think I may have to scale back all the restaurants that I have promised to reward myself of their fine cuisine once we are paid.


I am trying to get away from the idea that rewards can be very delicious to Rewards can be very delicate.

The more delicate the reward, the more precious it tends to be. When you think of a reward as very delicious, you have a tendency to personalize that reward for your very own palate. It is often something that is consumable and short lived. Of course, this reward can be delicate as well as delicious however, we are looking at the long term.

What about when you think outside of yourself? Will you be looking for that delicate reward? I think so!

If you think about things you can do for others rather than the things you want out of life, then rewards can be very delicate. Some people say this is the way it should be. I say: “To each his own!” Let’s be clear on one very critical point.

You can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself.

With the exception of Governments, you can’t give it away until you earn it first! If you want to take care of others, then you must first take care of yourself.

When in business, you can measure your rewards in various ways. You can account for your rewards for yourself, for others you work with or others that you choose to reward from your proceeds. When you reward others, they have to be very receptive to being rewarded. A good friend of mine once told me she was a “great receiver”. I asked her what she meant by this. Her comment was many people talk about giving to others, however, in order to give, someone has to receive! 

It is often difficult for others to receive. Therefore, keep in mind, REWARDS CAN BE VERY DELICATE. 


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