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Ask yourself, this: If you had the power to write anyone’s future, and it would come true, what would you write, and for whom would you write it?

Would you write a wonderful life and story only for those you loved, or would you give them challenges that would be harder than any they have ever endured?

Would you paint a horrible life for those that you hate, and hold them accountable for all the pain they caused you, or the people that you know?

And a bigger question is how would you write the rest of the world, would they be equals, or would they be slaves to your desires?

To make this question valid you must know but one thing, you can not write every one absolute happiness, and you can not just get rid of them either, so you must judge rightly, or it may be your future self that you are writing and no one else.

Want to venture down this road of power?

It is free for now, but is it, for to imagine this kind of power one must have thought about it long before now? So what is it? Do you want in or not? I will not wait long for after I start, you can not just say, NO! I don’t want to do this, for it isn’t fair, if I can’t have it my way.

OK, then let us imagine this page we are on, and we can write what ever we want and it becomes true, for those mentioned, and as I see you with quill in hand, and yes it had to be old fashioned for it was in those days that magic and powers existed, when people had real imaginations. So start writing.

The thing I wanted most was for my mother to have a happy life, and to raise me to be good and thoughtful, as she did. So what I want for her is to have eternal happiness, and my father too. Yes, we had troubles and I did some horrible things, but they never, truly stopped loving me, and I just want what is best for them. So I want them to never have to worry again, to have all that anyone could ever want.

Well, dear it is now so! For you wrote it down.

You are kidding right? How can I be sure?

Not hardly, for I would not have allowed just anyone to have my quill, and allow them to write life down. So you doubt me, and my word on this? Why not test me, and see. Take that drug dealer there down the street. Just what do you really think of him, and the people he hurts with his drugs, and his life?

I hate that guy, he is the reason why this neighborhood is so bad, and I want him to just dry up and die.

So write it down.

I couldn’t if this is true, that would be a horrible thing to do. But, he does deserve it, so perhaps, we can just… I will write: He will be in a car accident and lose the use of his voice, and his arms, and live in a wheel chair.

The very next day, there was a horrible car accident, and the drug dealer on the corner was hit, and run over, and all that was written came to pass. The person who hit him was one of his buyers and she was high as a kite when she hit that pole, that caused all things to come to pass.

A year later, and quite a few benefit writings later, but no more hate writings; The new author is worried about what to do with this new found ability, and after long reflection, decides that the idea to give is much more beneficial than hurting anyone. So if you are nice to people, and give them what they want in life then they will not harbor all the other things like hate, anger, and corruption. Besides this gift was given to me, and I know what is best.

Then a strange thing happened, and our writer was down town in one of those places that serves the poor, so she could get an idea of how many people needed her help. When she caught the glimpse of a man she thought she recognized. So she kept trying to see his face. And then she did, and he was in his wheel chair serving others food, and making them laugh. It can’t be, she exclaimed! He was so bad, and now he is so good. How is that possible?

Well, now my dear, he may have made some very bad decisions in life, and we all do, just like the one you were about to make. But, this guy just happened to see first hand what his drug was doing to people, and he honestly felt the results, permanently. So he changed, and God saw fit to enlighten his mind to a much better way of life, one that made him and others happy. For you see even though this man was making a lot of money with his drug sales, he was never happy, and he had no real friends, but now he has hundreds, who owe him their life. And it was all because you chose to hurt him rather than take his life, and through this God took advantage of the situation, as He always does. God tends to take the most trivial things, and turns them into new beginnings for others, as He did here.

But, like I said you can’t write everyone happiness, for if they are completely happy then what do they have to learn? Happiness is something to strive for, and dreams are something to aspire towards, but it is the pain, agony, and hard ships that get us there, that wake us up, and that make us sometimes take another road.

Just think what might have happened if you would have been able to take that man’s life, instead of hurting him as you did? Fist of all, he would not be here today, and all of these people would not be helped, or happy, now would they? But, the much bigger question would be; what would that decision to take a life you know nothing about other than what is on the surface, do to you? It would have eaten away at your soul. and you one day would be what you hated.

But, always it is God that gives life to your story, to your writing! For if you can but think about writing a story, for others how would you write their life?

This is why God is 3 things; All Powerful, Omnipresent, and above all else, All Knowing, and He wants His quill back now!


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