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Reach Up and Touch the Sky!

What comes to mind when you imagine receiving funds in exchange for Compuceeds? What dreams do you have that would be put into action by a steady income from Compumatrix?

What I have discovered over the last year of waiting for the puzzle pieces to fall into place with Compumatrix, is that my dreams are not dependent on that steady income. The things that are meant to be a part of my reality right now, are here, regardless of any perceived means toward them.

A year ago, I thought that once I had an income from Compumatrix each month, I could afford a nice apartment.  But when it was time for me to have a nice apartment, things fell into place to provide that for me.

Another dream I thought Compumatrix would help me with, was to buy a car.  In particular, I wanted a Prius.  And in March this year, I found a way to buy a Prius.

I wanted to go home to Minnesota to see my family.  In July, I was able to do so, even though Compumatrix was not yet in a position to allow an easy exchange of funds for Compuceeds.

You see, we are used to assuming that our lives will change when we have the means to change them.  But what if the means to change them comes when our lives are meant to change?

Dreaming and imagining what we’d like to have happen in our lives is a preview of coming attractions.  It is our intuition giving us a look into our own future.  Sometimes it is close at hand.  Sometimes further away.

But that future is on it’s way regardless of the means by which it seems to show up. What Compumatrix has done for me, has already occurred.  It has opened me up to new opportunities that I was not willing to imagine before.

And, bit by bit, regardless of whether Compumatrix has been able to be the funding vehicle for those dreams, they have shown up and continue to show up, in my life.  And that isn’t because I spent time envisioning them, nor because I put extra effort into working towards them.  They occurred simply because their time had come.

We can reach out and touch the sky, anytime we want.  It isn’t out there, high above us. It begins where we are.  We are already being the people we are meant to be.  Our lives are already amazing and miraculous.  We already have what we are meant to have in this moment.  We will always have the perfect things for the moment we are in.  Our dreams are happening in the perfect timing, in harmony with the universe.

What’s funny, is that as I write this, I am what many would consider homeless and unemployed.  And yet I feel at peace with myself in greater and greater ways each day, each moment.  My dreams are here and now.

I am in a house, dog sitting.  A few weeks ago, and for many months previous, I had been dreaming about having a dog.  Now I ‘have’ one, for a few weeks.  And it is perfect!  I have had the chance to enjoy the dog, and, to remember how much work a dog can be.

It has filled my ‘dog dream’ perfectly.  I no longer feel a yearning to get a dog.  And, very likely, the owners of this one would be delighted if I were to borrow her on occasion to take on walks and hikes.  How perfect is that?

What dream are you living?  Do you remember when you dreamed of it?  What dreams do you have now, that are on their way toward you?  It is the universe’s greatest pleasure to bring those dreams to fruition, at the very moment you are meant to receive them.

This blog was inspired by my teacher, Matt Kahn. You can find out more about his teachings at

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