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Have you ever wanted to go back to see that place you lived as a kid? Of course you have! For some people, it would be one place for others, it may be a dozen places that they desire to revisit. However, this is not about that physical visit as it is about the emotional visit.

Every once in a while, we might smell something and it takes us on an emotional journey. We are mentally back in “Grandma’s kitchen” or walking down a street in New York passing a Bakery that we must have passed 1,000 times as a youngster. When you have these memories, it may take you back mentally but to have both the mental aspect and the physical aspect, YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK!

Since you can never go back, maybe you need to spend your attention moving forward. This is the time for building a legacy. In the pursuit of the answer to the question: why are we here(???), we must ask ourselves what are we going to leave behind for others to remember the footprint we made.

What are we doing here with Compumatrix if NOT Building a Legacy.


When you are ready for some real news, don’t you just hate to read that: details forth coming!

Well, I for one am excited to read this! We have all been around the block a few times and this does not necessarily mean a good thing. (That is: been around the block.Being from New York, it can also mean something different as in endangering your life “being in someone else’s territory!

I’ve learned over the years that you can lose quickly in this business because the top people didn’t have the fortitude to follow thru all the details that are thrown in the path. Sometimes it may be a certain time constraint that must be met other times, it’s a financial bind. What ever the reason, you have to remember only 2 things:

You are:


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