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Swedish nature

Welcome to my tiny little home country

Sweden is a tiny little country between Norway and Finland which is sometimes mistaken for Switzerland. Although both Sweden and Switzerland are countries within Europe – not many know what can be found in Sweden.

I would like to present Sweden and all that our little country can provide a visitor – by pointing to this website which is the official website for Sweden for people outside our country.

There is something for everyone – who want to visit our country, from north to south.
Take for example the Swedish nature…
We have BIG areas of forest, with wildlife, berries, and recreation areas…
A major advantage in Swedish nature is the right of public access, which means everyone can walk freely through nature areas.
You use right of public access when you go for a walk, go kayaking, or sitting on a rock to think. Everyman’s right is a unique opportunity for everyone to move freely in the wild. But we also need to take responsibility for nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and other visitors. Thus not disturb – do not destroy.

Visit our official website – and dig deep for facts – or get the page with an overview of Sweden.

I invite you all to visit us –and we are very friendly to visitors unless abused of course.

A few things that could be of interest:

10 reasons to spend winter in Sweden

Picking flowers, berries, mushrooms, etc.
You are free to pick flowers, berries and mushrooms in the countryside. But keep in mind that some plants are protected, meaning that they must not be picked. Special rules apply in protected areas, for example national parks and nature reserves.

The law contains a list of plants which you must not pick without the landowner’s permission. However, the law in question is old and sometimes has to be interpreted in the light of common sense. It does not mention mosses and lichens, but you are probably allowed to gather them – though not in large quantities and not for sale.
The law does make it clear that you must not cut down or otherwise injure growing trees. While bushes are not mentioned, taking a juniper bush or the like would hardly be allowable. Breaking rocks or carving your name on rock surfaces is not allowed.

Rocks are on the list of natural objects that you must not remove without the landowner’s permission. However taking a few pebbles with you would probably not be considered an offence.
You can find information on berry-picking in Sweden by visiting .
The folder ‘Rules for berry-picking in Sweden’ contains information in eight languages.

Almost anything that you find in the forest or areas without settlements can be picked as long as you do not dig up the roots, chop down trees, or devastate vast areas. But if you are careful and handle nature with respect, there are many extensive areas to visit for berry-picking, camping or just walking around.

Sweden has many special areas, like mountains in the north, the long coastline of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm archipelago, Skåne and Blekinge special coastal landscape, the west coast cliffs, etc.
The Sami culture and their handicrafts are also worth visiting.

In closing – I would like to say a BIG Welcome to Sweden.


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