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An apology, this is 1500 words, long, and needed ten times this space, so I hope it meets with your approval, also an unedited 1st draft.

It is Within Your Power!
Yes, it is within your power to do all things, so what holds you back?

As I think of these words and the books I have read, and stored the information for such a time as this, I see two major things I must first claim; God directed my mind and study, God showed me the strongest evidence within His own word, and God put the desire for me to help others before myself as a starting point to my life for ever with Him!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am, and was one of the most greedy, and selfish men alive. I had desires and wants that took me places very few people should ever know or see. I am like anyone else, I have major issues and weaknesses, most of which are of the feminine persuasion, and I feel prey to some far more wicked than myself, so why would I tell such a thing? Simple, a learning experience, as allowed and directed by my Lord, and to show I am just like anyone else, I have faults, and these faults can be over come, God says so!

I learned at a very early age that the human mind was so vast and capable that even the smartest men on earth used less than 10% of the human mind’s capabilities. That little fact then just captivated me, and put a desire in me to learn all things on earth, and from that point forward I wanted to learn everything. Of course it helped to know another little fact at that time about a man, who asked God to be the wisest man on earth. Of course I heard only part of the scripture on it, but it further drove me to ask God for the same but different thing. I asked God to be the smartest man on earth, to which end God only granted me time, and learning experiences to grow and sort of satisfy my insatiable appetite for knowledge.

One time when we had moved back to my birth state, and I was attending a high school in Iowa, I was in the 10th grade, and felt lost and out of place. But, I was in a normal biology class, with a teacher who seen beyond the text books, he talked endlessly about our future, and about projects, which he demonstrated. I loved it so much that by the end of the 1st semester, he put me with the seniors in a special Pre-Med class made just for college. And in the next semester I surpassed all of his advanced students. We even built our own heart cadio-graph machine, to which we attached the instrument to a turtle’s heart and which we kept going for over a week. No, the turtle did not feel anything, and we kept the heart going by solution and stimulus.

But, back to our reality for now, I moved back to Arkansas, where my supposed friends were, and where my girl friend, or the one I desired, was at. All of this was a vast and distinct venue change and one that would bring much trouble, trials, and tribulation to my life and soul. For had I stayed in Iowa, and went to the schools that could foster my aptitude, most likely I would not be writing this right now. God always has His reasons, and this is why I tell all of this before preparing you for a concept that, has the ability to change all that you know, and perceive. Folks most people do not like the ‘Truth’, hey it is an honest perceivable observation, and it can be proven. So why tell this? God in His vast knowledge, in fact God knows all things even your deepest thoughts, it is all through the Bible. So God also says that He predestines us to certain things, such as salvation, and others go yet another path. (I won’t go into this for theologians have done so in every possible way and people still hate this idea) But this concept is necessary to understand your great possibilities.

I knew a man that has since passed away, and his name was Raymond Hatfield. He was a fun and amazing human being, he had been born with a cleft pallet, and hair lip. He had a hole into his brain, and the doctors gave up on him when he was very young. But this man did many amazing things in his life, as he saw fit to recount as we traveled to jobs of reclamation for his metal recycling business. Anyway, Raymond told me of many things he had solved, while sleeping, and did not quite understand how it worked, but he said it never failed. I actually did get to see in several situations, where that there seemed no answer to, and sure enough he said he would sleep on it and have the answer in the morning, and it never failed, that I saw! It was an amazing thing, so I was intrigued to say the least and started a new crusade into knowledge on this subject. And since my life was now within the church, and God’s Word, I used prayer, and His Word to further bring the facts to life.

God tells us that in all things come to Him in prayer and he will give an answer, it may not always be the answer we want, or in the exact time we want it, but he will answer. He has never failed me on this!

So I did search and find many books, on this phenomena, and it is well documented, and scientist to this very day do not exactly know why this is possible. But, God’s example is one of them, pray to the Lord on the subject, or issues you have a problem with and the answer often presents itself.

Well, apply this to life, and problems and then explain this simple application that is touted as the most used example: As you get ready for bed, and need to get up at a certain time, set your clock for a time, and then tell yourself I need to get up at, say 7AM, and then remind yourself a couple of times as you drift off to sleep, and once you get used to this you can wake up at any time you program yourself to do. I had to prove it to myself, and my wife always found it amazing, that the human mind can take external programming, and the Sub-Conscious will make it happen. So I thought why not share this idea and ability with those trying to start new businesses, or to change their life and future for the better.

A warning to all though. How many of you have read the Bible any? Do any of you know the story of where Jesus came to the Apostles walking on the water, and Peter got out and walked on the water, but just as he took his eyes off of Jesus and seen the violent waters he began to sink. Of course Jesus saved him, but do you remember what Jesus said to him, and to the others and to us actually? Jesus said, oh, ye of little faith. This is a concept that is in the Bible over a dozen times or more, in various versions, and stories.

So do you believe that God created us in perfection, but it is our lives and our ways that clogs up our minds to it’s vast powers of…what has been given to us. Did you know that there are people who have by accident or disease that have lost most of their brain matter, and I do believe that on young man lost almost 70% of his brain, and yet with work and practice does things that very few humans do, Ever! And it is because the brain is so complex it learns to redirect its abilities, as long as one is willing to put forth the effort, try. Just as Christ also said if one had the faith of that of a mustard seed he could say unto this tree be pluck up and thrown into the sea, or this mountain, or what ever.

I have more on this and was just re-reading some of my books when I came across this study of mine and I acknowledged that life had helped me put this on the back burner for a time; but now to share it with you my friends. For you can do anything you put your mind to! And I know this, but the ultimate question is…… Do you have the desire and the faith to do it? Alas, most of the time I do not unless someone else needs it, then I do it. sc


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