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Your Income Can Never Stop


Most people think about retirement as an end. It may seem that way but in reality, it is only the beginning. It is the beginning of a new journey. Like traveling on vacation, if you do not have any money, your journey will be painful.

Let’s shift the focus of retirement from the “normal” perception. This perception is the retirement is the end of our working years. Although this may just be the case, this does not infer the end of your income. As you enter into retirement, you should realize your income can never stop.

In the article (How Much Do You Need Before…), I wrote the following:

What will happen to you if your income stops tomorrow? Are you prepared? What is meant by the statement: work until you hit this goal? 

What did I mean by the statement: work until you hit this goal? In the article, I was talking about having a certain level of money put aside to pay your expenses for the rest of your life. By this, did I contradict myself by the statement: your income can never stop?

Realistically, when you think about retirement, you should rephrase the terminology to: retirement income”.


When you reach retirement, that does not mean your income stops. On the contrary, if your income stops, who pays the bills? With a fast pace economy, money changes hands with increase speed as new industries appear on the horizon. In the post (Cryptocurrency Millionaire), I discussed the increase in speed for wealth building in the creation of millionaires:


One hundred years ago, a family fortune would have been made over several generations. More recent, this family fortune could have been made over one generation. In today’s fast paced economy, this family fortune can be made virtually over night!

There are more options available for the individual that is willing to “think outside of the box”. 

Most people focus is in the wrong direction. They are so focussed on the income that stopped instead of the income that started. When you retire, your income stops from the job you held. However, it is now time for your retirement income to begin. 

If anyone ever asks you why you started an internet business, tell them these 2 things:

  1. You want to retire someday

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