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Perception (like possession) is nine-tenths of the law.

What you perceive is yours and it is your decision what you are to do with it. When you are onto something new, there will be many that will try to take it away from you. There is no difference of having a bar of Silver and walking down the street and someone will try to take it away from you! (unless you can trade them for a chocolate bar! LOL you can see this on You Tube- sad)

In the blog post (Details Forth Coming), I wrote the following statement:

What are we doing here with Compumatrix if NOT Building a Legacy.

This is the answer to: why are we here? Everyone needs to ask themselves this question regarding everything they do. This is especially true when you are asking this question regarding working an online business. Most of the people that are going to read this have some level of association with Compumatrix. Therefore, this is being directed specifically for this purpose.

In Uncle Alan’s latest Press Release, he highlighted one of my husband’s blog post then he wrote the following:

We are very close to reaching the Goals in Compumatrix.

(My apology upfront UA for the following comment! LOL) There is a part of this I am in disagreement. We are NOT reaching our Goals (as they are yet to come) but we are beginning a new life with Compumatrix!

Yes, what is just about to happen has been in our sites for a long time as “A” Goal but once we travel down this road, YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK!


Anyone that thinks this is just another business is short-sighted! A friend of our that we recently signed up in this business made this statement just today: “I did a search on the Internet to see what else I could find that was like Compumatrix, I couldn’t find anything else that does what this business does.” Jerry Curtis

Is this business simple to run? Yes it is. Does it have it’s road-bumps? Of course it does. It would be similar to when the first settlers traveled across the country. Did they have a road map? Did they find great accommodations? Were they welcomed?

What makes Compumatrix complex is the fact it is new technology in a very complex industry.


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