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The Job Within Your Business


So, you have taken the plunge and now, and you started your online business. What does it mean to have your own business verses holding a job?
How about FREEDOM? I know a lot ob business owners that work 70-80 hour weeks and never get to take a vacation!
How about FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE? Most businesses fail within the first 5 years (more than 95%).

I don’t want to belabor the point of owning your own business. The one fact staring you in the face is this:

You started your online business, NOW WHAT!

Unfortunately, this is a question that often gets overlooked by either “you” or the person that brought you into the business. You’re excited, they’re excited, everyone is EXCITED! However, this is not enough to be able to earn money online.

Recently, I signed up with (YES) another online business. I’m not as “taken” as I have been in the past. I signed up with this new business because of its association with another business that I have been a part of for almost 4 years. Ultimately, I only signed up with this because it is in position to be a support for my one and true business: Compumatrix.

The reason I am discussing this is so we can reach the main point: the job within your business.


In the post (Keep Your Ego in the Heart of Compumatrix), I wrote this statement:

It is the heart of Compumatrix that has brought us together and the reason we have been here so long (soon to be forever). This is a cooperative business in many senses. We work together as a group, sharing with each other as we present our business to the World of E-Commerce.

Keeping this in mind and focussing for the moment on your purpose, what is your role?

In any business, there are many roles. Let’s take for example when Henry Ford started making his automobiles. HE WAS IT! He started as the one and only person in his business. It didn’t take him long to start hiring and now, long after he is gone, there are 224,000 employees World Wide (Ford Motor Company). NOW, let’s make this really ridiculous statement: When someone new is hired, they probably will do the same thing every day that the other 224,000 people do! RIGHT????

I think you get the point!

Every business has its “JOBS”. When you start out in business with your online business, you are the only one in that business, right? NO! Even if you are just starting, you will shortly be looking for an accountant, maybe legal advice, marketing help, etc.

That job within your business may be marketing expertise that you are really good with. Your job within your business may be taking care of customer service duties. We can continue to break this down however, the purpose is to highlight the need of various jobs within your business. 

With this in mind, the most important factor you need is the ability to organize these jobs within your business. As your business grows, you will want to address each of these areas. Then, the decision comes to play, do you outsource the work?

If you are here with us at Compumatrix, then all you need to do next is to find the job within your business AND JUST DO IT!


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