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There is a lot to say about mediocrity, none of it good!

When you are building your online business, it is not a time for mediocrity. It is a time to BUILD BIG! No one that is successful in business had a determination to build a “small business”. 

In the blog post (Your Online Business, An Asset or Liability), I wrote the following:


Most online businesses and small businesses are liabilities. All this means is you are putting more money into your business than you are getting out of it. With small business failure rates being around 95%, you can determine that most businesses are or have been liabilities. Turning that around and creating an asset from your online business is (and should be) your top goal for the year 2015.

Most people that start a small business with the mindset that this is only a small business and by focussing on mediocrity, they spend their time building a liability instead of an asset. (Some savvy successful business people may purposely build a side business as a liability for certain purposes but that is yet another story.)


To answer the question: why build big, all you have to ask is: why build at all!

A man convinced against his opinion is of the same opinion still!

There is a lot to think about in that statement. This is why so many people do not succeed with their own businesses. They have not convinced themselves that they are capable of success. They “try” to lay their responsibilities on the broad shoulders of the business they are trying to work in conjunction with rather than to learn how to be successful with their online businesses.

If, you are going to build at all, YOU MIGHT AS WELL BUILD BIG!

I have heard people blame their marriage failure on involvement with a certain business. The problem was not the business but their reliance on the business to get them out of the mess their lives had become. When it didn’t work, it became easy to blame the business. We have had a difficult time focussing on our business because “life gets in the way”.

If you are going to BUILD, then you need to get SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. This doesn’t mean you get to leave it on your desk at 5 pm either. Our kids get embarrassed because my husband “talks to people when we are out and about (strangers)“! He may not always be talking to them about business but as he puts it: “striking up conversations with strangers is just good practice”!

If you think you “JOB” is to convince people, guess again! You are looking for people that are “like-minded” and also looking for the same things you are looking for.

Change your Mindset and Build an Asset.


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