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I remember my mom helping me to get a Bank Account at the Dime Savings Bank. I just checked their website and they are now offering 1.1% Interest on a Money Market account! When I set up my account, I would receive 5% Interest!

Some of you may still take care to enter your checks in a check register (Hint: record all of your Debit Card transactions as well). When I got this Savings Account, I received a Passbook to record my transaction each time I deposited or made withdrawals from the account. The bank teller would also sign off on the Passbook.

Checking the Interest rates on this site, the basic savings account interest rates are only .05%! Robert Kiyosaki states: “savers are losers”! And we wonder why Americans do not save anymore as they did in the past!


Are you ready for a new era? You might as well be ready. After all, you have been living in this new era for a while. Question: Have you been participating or watching from the sidelines?

Several of us went on a journey years ago to become participants in this new era of Digital Currency. We were not aware at the time where this journey was heading but as time passed, we became aware and made a quality decision that we would stay for this wild ride. All we had was to hang our hope on our Visionary, Henry James Banayat.

As you find this story unfold, you will find a chance to have a front row seat with a company that will soon be a household word: Compumatrix. Are you a participant or are you a watcher? (You can be an “early adopter” or a “laggard”, the choice is yours!)

Last night, I almost couldn’t get to sleep. Earlier, I read our latest updates and read them over and over. I felt as though I needed to pinch myself and ask: “Are we really here”? I heard every sound in the house last night (especially the cat playing with a nerf dart until I took it from him!) I had this thought in my head of: DEPOSIT DIGITAL ENTRY. All I could think about was this new era in Money Management!


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