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Alleviating Debt


When I was growing up, there was the term: keeping up with the Jones’. Now, we just need to keep up in general to stay afloat. Our homes have become “sinking ships” because we have mortgages that are higher than the value of the real estate they are written against. We also have “tricky loans” that if you don’t read the fine print, you can have a balloon payment as your last payment that by itself is more than the home is worth!

We were attending a meeting for another business once and the presenter was talking about these “tricky loans” with a ballon payment. He was working with someone and asked to see some paper work. When he looked it over, he told the agent there was a balloon payment in this loan. He asked to meet with the client, his agent (insurance agent) and the loan officer that wrote up the loan. When he pressed the loan officer about the balloon payment (that he initially denied existed), the loan officer finally admitted there was one. This payment alone (the last payment) would have been more than the real estate was worth. The client sat there sobbing because she had been purposely deceived and this deception meant she was going to lose everything!


For many of us, the answer is 100 years old! One hundred years ago maybe people were not rich but they were able to take care of themselves. This was a time when many people worked a trade and that was what their family was known for. You didn’t cut corners and deceive your customers because it wouldn’t fare well for you in that community.

Many people I have talked with would say owning your own online business is like our grandfathers owning their own businesses. Sure this answer isn’t 100 years old because the Internet hasn’t been around that long however, the idea of our own business is as age old as the age of mankind.

Of course, 100 years ago, a family fortune was made over several generations. Then it would take the entire life time of one generation and currently, someone with a brilliant idea the the means to bring it to market (E-COMMERCE), can generate a fortune in a handful of years!

If you had the formula, then all you need is the means to make it happen. If you can make it happen, then you would have the means to: ALLEVIATE DEBT



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