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Trapped in a Computer


It doesn’t seem like 47 years since the “first” edition of the movie, 2001 Space Odyssey was released. I remember watching that movie as though it were just yesterday. Sometimes I think progress has taken soooo long because when the movie first hit the screen, it was so far fetched but reality as it may be, time has caught up and where is HAL 9000 when you really need it? (Remember HAL, the computer?)

When I watched that movie, it would still be 2 years before I would be introduced to Programming with a Main Frame Computer by IBM. My sister had been using a mainframe computer system in her job for a number of years by then. For us, this wasn’t even the beginning of the COMPUTER GENERATION.

The Computer Generation really did not start for most of us until the home computer began to make a rise in the homes of the average people throughout the country and the world. Now, we are so entrenched in our computers that we take them with us everywhere we go. They are in our hands and our children do not know how to talk with us unless we can do so digitally!


I had to go to the library several months back because I couldn’t get a movie out of my head. (Or, was I in the head of the movie or computer?) I remembered watching this movie with a bunch of the boys when I worked at a Boys Ranch. I had to watch the movie after I had the thought about being trapped in a computer. 

Can you even imagine one day waking up and finding out you are a part of the game you had been playing? You realize you are the one that someone else is trying to eliminate! Someone else is at the controls!

They remade and released the newer version of the movie Tron. This is the ultimate in living within your computer as far as giving you the visual effect.


A friend of mine once told me about someone she knew that academically speaking could not function at all in a school environment. However, this person was taught how to “find the answers” to any question. Therefore, he could attain perfect scores on tests although he was not able to learn!

What does this have to do with the reality of trapped in a computer? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (I just thought it was a good story)

Here is the parallel I am running on this! How many kids do you know that just don’t get school! However, you can ask them a question and in moments, they can give you an answer. You want to stump them, take away their cell phone!

To me, today’s children represent the Reality of Trapped in a Computer.


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