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Compumatrix Sponsor: Sydney Opera House

Visiting the Compumatrix Blog recently, at the top of the page I saw this really eye-catching banner promoting Blanc de Blanc ~ Which turned out to be an event not to be missed if you live in Sydney Australia.

‘This show that will pop your cork’ is to be held at the Sydney Opera House from January 7 to February 28, 2016.

Blanc de Blanc The Blanc de Blanc Banner

The Sponsor: The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has become an icon for both Sydney and Australia. A masterpiece of late modern architecture, it has rightfully earned the reputation as being a world-class performing arts centre and presents over 450 exciting performances every year.

The story of the design, engineering and construction of the building, hosting more than forty years of performance and events can be experienced through an interactive documentary at:

Jørn Utzon, the architect, was a relatively unknown 38 year old Dane until January 29, 1957 when his entry was announced winner of the ‘International competition for a national opera house at Bennelong Point, Sydney.’ Read more about Jørn Utzon at

The Studio, one of the many performance spaces within the Sydney Opera House will be the perfect venue for Blanc de Blanc as it’s ideal for contemporary music, film screenings ~ And, as in this situation, cabaret and circus acts.

Blanc de Blanc

From the Sydney Opera House website: As a new kind of cabaret, Blanc de Blanc promises to be a ‘delicious night of entertainment’ ~ A party where patrons are invited to observe the theme: ‘Vintage white & gold’ or ‘Circus chic’ or anything that will add a little bit of sparkle to the night.

Blanc de Blanc serves a refined blend of vintage glamour, high-end spectacle and tantalising acts to infatuate, illuminate and delight. It brings the finest cabaret, acrobatic talent and eccentrics from around the world into a single, shimmering night.’

The show is produced by the Strut & Fret Production House who specialize in circus-cabaret entertainment ~ The jaw-dropping kind with audiences right up close to the action. 

A few Reviews

‘Spectacular acts of physical strength, endurance and anatomical unlikelihood.’ ~The Australian.

‘A true visual feast of classy circus and ye-olde Speigeltent charm.’ ~Australian Stage.

‘At times dangerous, often breathtaking, always skilful and beautiful, LIMBO is no less than sensational’ ~WhatsonStage.

On a cautionary note

The performance may contain adult concepts, nudity and references to alcohol consumption and so it’s not recommended for persons under the age of 18 years.

The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program

Blanc de Blanc is also part of The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program: A wonderful initiative designed to help the community at large to connect with the arts. People facing barriers to accessing live performances due to social and financial disadvantage can request $5 tickets for four such performances in any one year.

On the few occasions I’ve been to the Sydney Opera House I’ve totally loved the atmosphere of just being there. And Blanc de Blanc is looking VERY appealing to me right now ~ Even more so after looking at the short promotional video. Feeling ever so pleased now that I was curious enough to explore what lay behind the banner.


Alison Lee Cousland is a contemporary artist and designer, with interests in natural health & healing: ecological & sustainable living: blogging & social media. 

Alison brings all her creative skills and passion to her current position at Compumatrix, supporting the vision of Henry James Banayat: That every individual, given the opportunity to use their own special talents, can turn what they do best into a sustainable source of online income.


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