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The Responsibility of Wealth


Family Wealth has often been made over several generation and often is lost over less than one generation. A person must be responsible without matter to how much they are charged with the care and handling of wealth.

She commented: “When we retired, the executives were ushered into a room and given instruction on handling the financial retirement affairs. The rest of us were just given our last check and shown the door.” This was a comment my husband’s Aunt made when she was talking about the mistake she made regarding pulling funds out of her retirement account prior to retiring. She received a tax bill that just about devastated them.

In the post: (Earning FromYour Online Business), I referenced the following:


Your online business is not just about earning at a higher level but it is all about a different way to earn. If you understand the concept of Compound Interest, then “maybe” you will also absorb the reality of using your online business to earn at a higher level. 

It’s not only about earning at a higher level but following THE RESPONSIBILITY OF WEALTH.

The quote: “With great wealth comes great responsibility” is accredited to Bill Gates. It is one thing to earn money online and it is another thing to earn money online with and unlimited ability! Most people are self limiting. When they reach above where their mind finds them comfort, their mind will prevent them from moving forward at that point.

If this person was not responsible for earning this income but was the lucky person to inherit, they may not posses the limits to be responsible to such.


The other day, I listened to a speaker on the TED Talks make a comment about a high powered Sports Car. He stated how powerful it was and commented about it being: morally irresponsible to put a car like this in a teenager’s hands.

That statement haunted me today and prompted me to write this blog. Of course we want to pass on wealth to our children but are we training them to be responsible when this gift hits their hand?

We are building a Wealth empire with our Compumatrix business. It is time to teach “moral responsibility” to our children so they can teach the same to theirs as they pass this business onto their children as well.

The Responsibility of Wealth


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