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I Think, Therefore I Write


I just finished longeing the horses and I was in the process of letting them out to the pasture. As I opened the gate, I noticed Scalley’s coat was messy from the heavy rain last night. I went to brush her with my glove and she stepped away. I said, “ok, missy”. With that, my thoughts rolled back about 29 years and I hadn’t thought about that mare (Missy) in a long time. Although it’s been 29 years, I remember that comment I made to Missy: “ok Missy, you need to step up and take his place!”

A couple of years after we lost Toby to the accident with the car, I was deep in thought about my purpose. I kept hearing this voice saying: “write it down”.


Most of us want to be a Super Hero!!!! Come-on, get that costume out of the back of your closet! You know I’m talking to you!

Sometimes the smallest thing you do for someone else makes them see you as a Super Hero in their eyes! You don’t need a costume for that! If I had to define my methods, I would have to say: I think, therefore I write!

Writing it down is the catalyst to great movements. When you take it out of your head and put it to pen (or a Word Document), a transformation occurs. Your ideas start to take on shape and become meaningful.  You can clearly define who you are and what your purpose is when you write it down.

Toby represented the horse that I wanted to get rid of because he was too much horse for our program. Since I was stuck with him, I decided he needed to be my horse and project. When we lost him, I was already using him to “PUSH” my advanced riders to higher and more demanding skills. I can still after all these years visualize one of my students jumping over concrete ditches with him!

If you don’t write it down, will you ever define WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?


When you read the title, you thought I wrote that wrong. Shouldn’t it be: I THINK THEREFORE I AM

This is a philosophy of René Descartes who is considered the Father of Philosophy. My assumption is the idea of I think therefore I write is a part of the overall picture. I Think Therefore I Am represents the whole you but as you know, you can’t eat the entire meal with one bite. Overall, you will in the process define: WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE.


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