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To smile costs you nothing

I get a kick out of the chance to associate with constructive individuals, individuals who have a tendency to be glad, who look on the brilliant side of life. Excessively numerous individuals stroll around in what appears like a discouraged state. Go ahead individuals; keep smiling because it doesn’t cost money.

I must concede, I used to be one of the ones who strolled around in a discouraged state. I had numerous things at the forefront of my thoughts, numerous things I was not content with, I used to feel so sad for myself. Notwithstanding when I expound on it now, I chuckle about how wretched I used to be.

Things were going to change nonetheless. At the time another worker joined the organization where I worked, his name was Stuart. Presently this may appear to be irrelevant yet Stuart did not have a ton going for him. I won’t go into points of interest however lets simply say I didn’t feel desirous of his life. I turned out to be entirely great companions with Stuart and we would go to lunch together. I would meet him in the bottle at 1pm and would be holding up in my miserable perspective for him to arrive. Arrive he certainly did, dependably with a radiating smile all over. We would take a seat and talk whilst having our lunch and he never had a negative word to say. When he talked, he conversed with enthusiasm, about games and movies. One day it occurred to me, if Stuart (who from what I know of him apparently has nothing) can simply be certain, upbeat and smiling, why right?

This was the start of another period in my life. A period of being certain, acknowledging what I must be more than whatever else, a lot of smiles.


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