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The Evolution of Your Business Mind


Make your goals and nail them down! Really? Is that the answer to everything that you are to dedicate your life to? All you have to do is ask some people that are retired if they accomplished in their life’s work the goals they set out for their purpose in life.

Go and ask a few dozen retire folks and see the array of statements that they return to you! Anything from, “I accomplished Exactly what I set out to accomplish!” (just a handful, if any) To: “Which goals, I changed them so many times!”

I s there anything wrong with making these changes? Of course not! We aren’t born with a manual on how to live our lives! If we were, then it would not be our lives we are living!

Your purpose in life can’t be something like: “I want to earn $1 Million Dollars then retire!” This isn’t a purpose but a goal.

Robert Kiyosaki states in his latest book, SECOND CHANCE:

…I describe that event with Bucky Fuller because it was one of the many second chances I have had in my life. I returned to Honolulu a changed person.

For Robert, he was describing the change that transformed him from being focussed on MONEY to a Spiritual focus on a Life Purpose. This is a point in his life that his transition moved him in the direction of a Social Purpose. 

When you can move from a focus on money to a focus on your social purpose, then you are in a transition in who you are and what you do. This is the evolution of your business mind.


In the blog post: Why Are You HereI included the following:


I will take responsibility for myself because if I don’t, I can not help someone else. If I don’t, I can not help you. If I don’t, I can not help my family. If I don’t, I can not take care of my friends. If I don’t, I can not take care of my Compumatrix family!!!

Like Robert Kiyosaki, I also experienced the evolution of my business mind. This takes you to a whole new level of thinking and responsibility of business. My social responsible mind was being developed long before I got into business. This is what drove me to be in business in the first place. I had so much I wanted to do but as you know, money talks. If you don’t have money, you are limited on what you can accomplish.

From the above statement: If I don’t, I can not take care of my Compumatrix family!!! We are very special because we take care of each other.


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