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And She Threw the Ball For the Dog


Misleading someone can be determined to be the wrong thing to do. However, I deliberately misled the reader with the title of this entry. Picture in your mind an image derived from reading the title and I intend to show you how, you can’t judge a book from it’s cover!

I hope you have the image in your mind! If I read this title, I would hold an image of a woman or a girl in the yard throwing a tennis ball for her dog to chase. This is NOT what actually happened and ultimately had me hit the ground laughing! 

The dog was running along the fence with the horses on the other side. One of the horse, Princess, turned back to the fence. As she approached, there was an old basketball that blew into the pasture half way between her and the fence. As she approached, she picked it up with her mouth, approached the fence and she threw the ball for the dog!

This is when I hit the ground laughing!


Why would I tell you this story? At first glance, you would think this has nothing to do with our online business. The story is fun to share and the title would attract anyone that loves DOGS! The title is the most important part of any sales format. Without a great title, you may not be able to get the reader to see the content of your material. Am I looking for “Dog Lovers”?

I could write one sales letter, write 5 titles and send them all out to the same recipients and have each of the recipients open only one (if any at all) because they connect with that message thru that title.


The other day, I couldn’t get that image of the horse throwing the ball for the dog! Here is where this relates to you. I was home in the middle of the day to see this!

What does this have to do with you? (the inquisitive mind has to know) I have been working from home for a number of years. I can run household errands in the middle of the day when stores are not busy. I was here at home when she threw the ball for the dog!

What about you?


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