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The Virtual Currency called Compuceeds

It’s time to put your money where your monitor is. While it doesn’t grow on trees, it does grow on your cloud or eWallet account.

Compuceeds Basics

Otherwise known as digital money or virtual currency, Compumatrix Proceeds aka Compuceeds is a Centralized Peer to Peer Payment System that offers a 21st Century Alternative to Brick-and-Mortar Banking.

A Compuceed is something that most users will never see or never touch beyond their computer screen. Exchanges are made via peer to peer or local exchangers rather than the traditional wallet in your back pocket. As a semi decentralized virtual currency, it is controlled and audited by the Virtual Currency Administrator, Compumatrix and the value of your bank balance is set entirely by the supply and demand of the market.

Buying things with Compuceeds

As with all money, it is best if you can spend it. It’s been gradual but it is expected that an ever increasing number of commodities will become available to Compuceeds Holders. As of now, Compuceeds continue to be manufactured and circulated through the production of Virtual Prepaid Cards.

Through the Virtual Prepaid Cards, owners of the virtual currency are able to earn fiat currency by promoting the use of the virtual currency via marketing and selling of the virtual prepaid cards.

The Compuceeds supply is finite. Production of Compuceeds is also called mining, manufacturing, minding or mind mining through productive activities online. With thousands of dollars mined or exchanged each day. Every transaction is verified by real people and secured by the Bitcoin Protocol.

The Value

Compuceeds were designed to be non-volatile and is currently pegged to a dollar. Through the trading portal, the virtual currency is traded through the production of virtual prepaid cards which is sold in terms of euros.

Compuceeds and Bankruptcy

An old saying states that:

You have to speculate to accumulate.

Iris Watts

There are speculators aplenty when it comes to Compuceeds. Like any investor on virtual currency, you will face risks and you may win or lose. And this will all depend on each of the virtual currency members’ ability to contribute in the production, circulation and market penetration of the virtual currency. The userbase growth will open the doors for merchants and other exchanges to join our virtual economy.

The total maximum number of Compuceeds that will be circulated worldwide is at 1.5 Billion units and thus supply will run out. As of now, only 0.00001% of the global population owns a compuceed. This means that market makers have a potentially rich market.

About the author

Henry is the Founder and Executive Managing Director of Compumatrix and Networks International. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Compumatrix Bloggers' Network.


  1. I feel that Compuseeds are not known to many people as of today, but when the company takes off, and the creation of Virtual Prepaid Cards starts, the circulation of Compuceeds will become known as one of the Crypto Currencies, and maybe also become a household currency for many. Perhaps also other Crypto Currencies in our Crypto Eco System will become highly valued.

  2. The limited supply of Compuceeds as with any other cryptocurrency is what makes it so attractive. No matter how greatly it is sought after and adopted throughout the world, there will always be a limit to the supply. They can always find more silver and gold, but when the demand for cryptos goes up, and the supply never changes, that can only lead to one thing; a price rise.

  3. 3 years ago I joined the Compumatrix program purchasing Compuceeds and bundles of assets that are all part of the program. After the first months and actually looking at the assets I had continued to purchase and the realization that there are many good reasons to acquire most of the assets offered for future use. It pays to look at the brief descriptions as you mouse over the list in the Exchange page.

    Compuceeds is a great starting point to build on as they are still inexpensive when using BTS. The real value will come about in the coming months with the relaunch of Compumatrix’s CDAP and the return of the VPC’s.

    Compuceeds is just the beginning for those in the system, when researching the other assets in the Company one realizes there are several other future coins that will have the ability to attain significant value. I believe additional Assets will be added over time, another good reason to get on board now and add to your portfolio.

    BTS value is low as it should be however, when you switch over to USD or Compumatrix BTC, the future coins start to show their value. Having an asset based company that has it’s own BitCoin vs others who rely on the value of the generic coins currently out in the internet universe without any real backing (such as assets) is worthwhile for this novice investor. HODL!

  4. This is where it really started. I state “really started” because in all reality, our roots grow much deeper than this. We go back to the days of Pre-Bitcoin with an idea that ran a parallel to the development of Bitcoin. You see, Compuceeds became the outward appearance of our venture into the crypto space. The idea had already been born before Bitcoin appeared on the horizon. Bitcoin provides the catalyst of how the world will perceive us here at Compumatrix.

  5. This is a nice explanation and very helpful. Keep up and on so that we can roll. We are waiting for it to come soonest. Congratulations to all those that have contributed to the success of it and to those who are members of Compumatrix as well as those who are users of virtual currency. Wishing you all the best in this new journey/era. Cheers!!!

  6. This post is a real blast from the past that may actually be giving us a glimpse of the future. Even though the original value of one COMPUCEEDS was $1.00 USD and it has since been traded down to a value much less than a penny, it still has the potential to rise up to that same value again in the future. That means that all Compumatrix Members have a great opportunity to acquire significant amounts of COMPUCEEDS now, for a very small amount of BTS! Essentially they are ON SALE!!! They are down but they are not out.

    Of course there is no guarantee that they will reach the value of $1.00 USD, but there is a chance that it could happen. However, that doesn’t really matter because if they do eventually rise in value to only 10 cents or even 1 cent USD, that would still produce a very large return and be very profitable, for ALL who own a significant amount of them.

  7. definitely a blast from the past — this read is very beneficial for now and it also creates a good memory of time well spent back in the day and now maybe after all these years of working to follow what the guide lines are and what is needed to establish a legit business and one that actually is financially accessible — time will tell if we get there this time?? God bless

  8. Great explanation of the Compuceeds history. I was not around at the beginning of this journey so the blog and comments are very informative for someone new to the business.
    One of the interesting points I would like to highlight include the fact that Compuceeds was developed before Bitcoin. Wow that’s monumental in this space. The second being that it is a finite supply like Bitcoin. The future looks bright!!!

  9. Compuceeds, being a trademark of Compumatrix, sadly has been reduced in its original value. It won’t be long and we will be able to produce VPCs again to help make the coin available in the market. Being the first coin created by the company, and for sentimental reason, it behooves us to be persistent in our efforts to up its price..

    1. I agree with you 100% Veronica, that “…it behooves us to be persitent in our efforts to up its price…” It is fair to say that many, if not most, Compumatrix Members are the proud owners of a significant number of COMPUCEEDS and therefore stand to benefit greatly from the price being restored to the proper level of one to one with the US Dollar.

      The very low market price of COMPUCEEDS right now, provides all members with an excellent opportunity to buy more for a very small amount of BTS. They are on a Super SALE, but they won’t stay that way always.

  10. still enjoy going back in time and seeing how far we have grown here and also the crypto world has come and it really does look like all of these parts are soon to be integrated and functioning in away we all are singing and dancing to a different tune and to me a good good tune — thanks Henry

  11. This is the best explanation I have seen in regard to how the Compuceed attains its value. The thing I especially like is that we control the value of Compuceeds through the sale of VPCs and the maximum amount of Compuceeds that will ever be sold. Actually, this seems to be one of the best reasons to get the CDAP up and running. We can then sell VPCs, which gets more VPCs sold and increases the number of Compuceeds in circulation in the crypto world.

  12. I didn’t really know that much (in detail) about Compuceeds before reading this article. To learn more about it and understand it better, I read the article twice and read through all the comments. It is disappointing that Compuceeds are not worth 1 USD anymore, but like Kevin Bowser said, even if the price rises to 1-10 cents – it would still be very profitable. Thank you for the overview and history on Compuceeds – will be learning more about it in the future (I am taking notes)!

  13. I understand to some degree about Compuceeds and that they are currently valued well below where they were valued when I acquired them a few years ago. What I don’t understand is how to get the value back up. I have noticed that many members own well over 100 million Compuceeds, meaning that getting the value back to ten cents would mean $1 million or more for those members. Since I am one of those members, I have great interest in making this happen. I hope someone has a plan.

  14. it is just a great thought journey as I read this blog by Henry and the thoughts of some good people here — and just knowing how far and how long this journey has been traveling is fascinating in one sense and darn impressive on another — I believe we as business venture are really close to being a very strong part of day to days in so many of our lives — we must keep to pedal to the medal as they say and keep Persistent and learning every day the best we can —

  15. It will be wonderful when we can purchase goods with this currency. The value will increase when we get this business rolling and there are a lot of members that have some and can circulate it into the system, there are also other currency’s they will increase in value I hope you all are building your portfolios.

  16. I liked this article because in Compumatrix must of us are aware that it holds money, but I never really though how it did or what it was called. I had never heard of Compuceeds until now. I think once Compumatrix is fully running the value of what it holds will increase tremendously. For us members, it is our benefit learning about these aspects to the company such as this one. Although I did not fully understand the concept of Compuceeds, it is good that I get the overall function of them.

  17. Compuceeds is new to me, but it is always good to learn more about what is going on and what has gone on in the cryptocurrency space! The more I read these articles, the better I understand the cryptocurrency world as a whole and the small details about each cryptocurrency: bitcoin along with other altcoins. I am preparing myself for the near future so I can fully take advantage of this opportunity when everything is in place!

  18. so true in the how reading and then reading again not just this blog but all the postings thru out this site — has so much furthered my understanding of what we are doing here and when we look back at literally Creating something very new –it does take time to establish and design the correct path to success — believe we are on that path — with the first great stop soon to be —

  19. Compuceeds is our way to monetize our efforts at Compumatrix, and it’s value as compared to the dollar makes it fundamentally sound and easy to figure. Als, the fact there is a limited supply of compuceeds gives us security that the price will not only stay steady, but will go up in time as they increase in value.
    Our VPC cards allows us to earn these compuceeds, and build an inventory in order to sell our cards and monetize our efforts while online. It is an online presence and consistent effort that with just a little effort grows into quite a stash.
    Then there are all the other things we do at Compumatirx to monetize our efforts, so ask one of us what we think.

  20. Compuceeds the original cryptocurrency of Compumatrix is thereward givin when VPC are bought and sold i.e traded by the members.It started off at par with US dollar but over the times it has lost significant amount of its value.We believe that when all functions of the Compumatrix are operational and VPC start trading then the Compuceeds are likely to regain some of it’s luster of the past and will make the members happy when they get the reasonable value from their investment.Waiting for it to happen soon .

  21. this posting is so important to understanding what we are accomplishing here at Compumatrix — the patience and learning that is happening and being displayed by so many here is just inspiring — i have been reading the blogs this morning and had to come back to this blog by Henry — so much further is my understanding of the overall business here — much thanks truly !!

  22. after reading the Bitcoin post by Gail and coming here and just imagining what would it be if compuceeds and bitcoin somehow became even in value ??? my thought process goes wild i like working with numbers and my gosh yeppers it can be fascinating and also here i get to learn even deeper —

  23. This is good for me to read back and learn again what my parents have told me before. They have explained more than once how this will work but I must confess I have been a little sceptical about it due to the long delays and the changes. The more I read the more I appreciate the difficulties that have been faced bringing this idea up to date all the time.

  24. Good to read through this again and refresh the ageing memory on our ideals for this company and its expansion into the real world for purchasability and growth. I believe that the time is coming for all that has been worked towards in the candlelight, will finally reach centre stage and the spotlights. I am ready.

  25. I think the waiting must be nearly over and a major update will point us all in the right dIrection. BTS will rise Btc will be available and Compumatrix could fly. I am certainly ready.

  26. As we move forward in our Compumatrix business, my hope is that we will see the value of our cryptocurrency assets increase, including the Compuceed. It will be great to work as a team to ensure that our assets reach their intended potential. Can’t wait to be able to continue working with the Virtual Prepaid cards to promote our business.

  27. oh this is a heck of a ride — when you take time to look back at how far this ole Compu Biz has evolved and how we as biz owners are so much a part of this new and legit way of doing business — this is just a great learning tool here at the blog area and do hope that more blogs with more info keep getting posted — thank you

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